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Digital Infrared Wireless System Main Unit

Series: TAIDEN 5600

Model: TES-5600MB/02P

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New! The TES-5600 series by TAIDEN is a high fidelity voice amplification solution for the presenter or instructor with all the advantages of infrared over RF: inherently secure transmissions, no interference, and ability to use in multiple adjacent rooms without need for frequency management.

Product TES-5600M series includes 4 options of Digital Infrared Main Units:

- Supports 2 wireless microphones (handheld or pendant)

- Can support up to 4 speakers (option)

- USB interface, Skype for business / web-conferencing ready

This digital infrared wireless system will work alongside the TAIDEN digital infrared wireless conference system providing a complete package to support clear communication in boardrooms and training rooms.

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