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Barco - SFR, France
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A unique, innovative real estate project… featuring Barco solutions

The new headquarters of French telecommunications expert SFR is an ambitious real estate project, carried out in two phases. While the first employees moved into the new building in November 2013, the rest of the campus is set to open in 2015, thus enabling 90% of the French SFR team to work together under one roof. To understand the audiovisual needs of these employees and draft a technical tender, SFR contracted Atelier Audiovisuel. One key conclusion: SFR people and visitors often can’t meet efficiently due to technical compatibility issues. The solution: Barco’s ClickShare presentation system. In addition, the SFR home features Barco projectors and Barco video walls (rear projection and LED).

Real Estate Manager & Corporate Supplier Michel Moussa was the one who, together with Atelier Audiovisuel, introduced Barco’s ClickShare solution. His requirements for the new meeting room presentation system had been straightforward: he absolutely wanted a simple concept that would make the life of the employees easier and, consequently, help them save time. The solution had to be advanced and innovative and allow anyone – SFR people and visitors, Windows and Mac users – to put their content on the screen with ease.

Barco met all of these criteria. VIDELIO-IEC, the AV integrator in charge of the project, delivered 270 CSM-1 ClickShare units for the conference center and five CSC-1 units for the boardrooms.

Barco’s broad product offering

Besides ClickShare, SFR also chose several other products from Barco’s broad AV offering. The conference rooms, for example, also feature Barco’s RLM-W12, RLM-W6 and HDX-W14 projectors, which display ultra-bright images during conferences and events. The 275-seat auditorium is equipped with a Barco 3D projector, which is used for pre-première screenings. Last but not least, SFR installed two Barco video walls. A video wall consisting of 40 OLF-521 rear-projection cubes and three ECU- 100 controllers were set up in the SFR control room, where the telecoms network is monitored. In addition, the SFR lobby features an 11 m2 C5 LED display with a unique corner configuration. The bright C5 LED tiles are mounted with 90-degree corner joints to form a giant, seamless video screen.

Clear customer benefits

SFR is a satisfied customer. The projectors and video walls are doing a great job. And every single SFR employee loves ClickShare. Barco’s wireless system allows them to easily put content (videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, etc.) on the wall during meetings, via their laptops or via their smartphones, which feature the free ClickShare apps. Moussa: “Everyone was won over by ClickShare, as they immediately experienced that the system helps them save time while fostering meeting productivity. Moreover, the ease of sharing information on the central meeting-room screen ensures that everyone is actively involved in the meetings, which surely enhances decision-making.”