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Barco medical displays ramp up radiology efficiency at Santosa Hospital

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Barco medical displays ramp up radiology efficiency at Santosa Hospital
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Santosa Hospital Bandung Central is one of the biggest hospitals in Bandung, Indonesia. The hospital is certified Class A and offers premium specialist services and medical care that is safe, comfortable and professional. Patients can count on highly qualified specialists and the latest in treatment technology - all in a friendly and efficient atmosphere. Santosa Hospital’s recent choice to install Barco medical displays in the radiology department is a decision that has their radiologists diagnosing with ease thanks to the best in cutting-edge technology.

Santosa Hospital upholds the highest professional medical standards and its commitment to providing superior care makes it one of the best private hospitals in Indonesia. The staff - both medical and non-medical - receive ongoing training and education, ensuring that patients meet with the most competent caregivers in the business. The top-quality service at Santosa Hospital has been acknowledged with accolades in the field of service excellence and is certified “Full Level Complete” by the Ministry of Health.

Santosa Hospital is dedicated to using the most up-to-date technologies available. This prompted a recent transition to PACS - the picture archiving and communication system that minimizes film usage, saves time and cuts costs. Barco medical displays are designed to work with the latest PACS applications, making them the perfect choice for this changeover. And their durability guarantees top-quality images for years to come.

Clearer images for more accurate diagnoses

The radiologists at Santosa Hospital are thrilled with the improvements since the installation of several Barco Nio Color 3MP displays and the Nio 5 MP LED display - the high-brightness system that allows them to see more shades of gray than ever before and pick up on even the subtlest of details. The displays are used to read diagnostic images including MRIs, CT scans, X-rays and ultrasounds.

‘Reading images with excellent color and brightness gives us more clarity and causes less eye strain,’ says Dr. Ade Faisal, Chief Radiologist at Santosa Hospital. ‘We also love the Barco productivity tools; the smart features are incredible and we’re working more efficiently than ever.’

Barco’s SpotView function enables radiologists to clearly highlight details in an area of interest, allowing for more accurate diagnoses. And DimView means any auxiliary displays can be automatically dimmed, ensuring radiologists are always working in the most productive and comfortable light. The exceptional high-contrast and high-brightness of Barco displays means the images are always in perfect high-definition, whether in color or grayscale.  

Santosa Hospital installed Barco medical displays after hearing whispers in the industry that they’re a must-have for any radiology department - and the staff is happy to confirm that the rumors are true. The hospital is now looking to the future and the ways in which different Barco technologies, such as the first-class projectors, can further improve their diagnostic care. Barco is waiting and ready to provide the solutions it needs.