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CAE Korea chooses Barco FL35 projectors to upgrade flight simulators

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CAE Korea chooses Barco FL35 projectors to upgrade flight simulators
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The CAE Training Center Korea is located in Seoul, near Gimpo International Airport. There, pilots are trained to fly The Boeing 737-800, Airbus 320-200, Airbus 330-200 and Cessna Citation M2. Practicing in flight simulators is an important part of their training. When CAE Korea wanted to upgrade the projectors in their flight simulators, they contacted Barco for a solution directly thanks to Barco’s reputation for reliability. Barco supplied FL35 projectors and after a trial, CAE purchased seven projectors to fully upgrade two of their flight simulators.

CAE Korea offers training programs for large domestic and foreign airlines such as Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Jin Air, Eastar Jet, T’way, Air Busan, Air Seoul, JetStar, and Aurora. The flight simulators at CAE have been officially approved by China (CAAC) and Cambodia (SSC), as well as domestic governments, and pilots for both large international airlines and low-cost airlines undertake regular training there. For this reason, the flight simulators need to be state-of-the-art—which means ensuring they are fitted with the best technology available.

Barco’s FL35 projectors create stunning images with a pixel precision of 2,560 x 1,600—this was a major factor in CAE’s decision. Along with that, the FL35 offers a 100,000-hour LED lifetime but uses no lamp and no consumables, and requires no re-calibration, no color degradation and no maintenance. This drastically improves uptime while reducing operating costs and technical resources.

CAE Korea is very happy with the installations: ‘The FL35s are much better than our previous projectors,’ said Mr. Seokyong Park, Technical Manager at CAE Korea and Eddy Bak, Technical & Visual Specialist. ‘The high image quality makes them perfect for our flight simulation training.’

The verdict is in from the pilots as well. Many pilots who had previously trained in the simulators have commented that with the Barco FL35 projectors, the images are clearer and more precise than before. It’s the result that CAE Korea had hoped for, and the satisfaction that Barco is thrilled to deliver.