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Perfect Portraits with Projector Mounts

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Perfect Portraits with Projector Mounts
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Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, Texas, wanted to create a versatile stage space that can be easily changed throughout the year for looks that appeal to different groups or functions. The wide and tall space requires a lot of material. Budgetary considerations left out renting or purchasing new sets or an LED wall.


VCRNOW, a design/integration firm from the greater Dallas/Forth Worth area in Texas, created a solution using four Epson Projectors mounted vertically with Chief VPAU Vertical and Portrait Projector Mounts.

“We have used many different Chief mounts for years, and they always do a great job,” said Jeff Andersen, CEO at VCRNOW. “They are easy to install and offer professionalism and flexibility.”

The image shoots onto four 12 foot wide by 20 foot tall medium gray muslins of material. The Chief mounts allowed them to use the projectors in a unique way to fill the space.

"It creates a unique and dynamic look that enables us to use visual graphics and lighting in a way we never have before,” said Robert Hudson, Assistant Manager of Technology at Trinity. “A versatile background that enhances worship and gives plenty room for creativity and variety of set changes/looks."


The church loves the new solution. They don’t have to change out sets for every new event or series. Instead, they can create graphics and videos that completely change the mood or compliment the event. The design is appealing to the eye and adds to what is happening in the room rather than detracting from it.

"We use our sanctuary for many different events/services almost every night of the week,” said Chase Kennedy, Creative Director at Trinity. “The 4-screen set up has allowed us to be extremely flexible in providing fresh and relevant visuals for the variety of different productions held in our sanctuary."