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Interactive, Real-Time Views Smooth Spanish Rail Logistics

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Interactive, Real-Time Views Smooth Spanish Rail Logistics
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To cater for a vibrant market, Spain’s Renfe Mercancías has built a rail freight network that crosses the country. The business has been built on providing reliable services -to serve customers. This freight network and its management is important for their clients, that use Renfe Mercancías for either dedicated rail transport or for transporting goods in multi-customer convoys. Their traffic management center is called the ‘Operations Management Center’, which was recently upgraded with Barco UniSee LCD video walls that improve visualization and 24/7 collaborative services across the network.

The Operations Management Center controls, supervises and analyzes the company’s operations to run smoothly. It gives a broad overview of the state of the network, while allowing operators to drill down fast when they need to view specific situations. This allows them to respond in real-time to issues that might arise – whether that be an unforeseen technical issue or changes to trains requested by customers. What’s more, Renfe Mercancías involves its customers in this process. Using GPS technology and the Renfe´s Copernicus system, they can closely track the goods, locomotives, wagons, and train drivers. So they, in turn, can better organize their logistics. “Our commitment to technological and process innovation enables us to provide increasingly efficient operations with higher levels of competitiveness,” according to Andrés Novillo Romero, Director de producción at Renfe Mercancías.

Bezel-less video wall for more effective decision-making
The key to better decisions is better information. With its bezel-less construction and tiny 0.3mm mechanical gap, Barco UniSee gives operators the impression of watching a single screen. This is underlined by the continuous, real-time color and brightness calibration that creates perfectly balanced images across the whole surface. For the easiest ongoing use, the whole system takes up a minimum of space, thanks to the front access for servicing. This reduces service time and consequently ensures optimal operational performance.
Seamless sharing with the people that count 
For the most effective operations, several stakeholders must provide their input. These include operators in the control room, executives in crisis rooms, remote experts and workers in the field. Yet they have different requirements and are often in different locations.  Barco’s TransForm N is the backbone network for swift data distribution. The networked AV platform allows decision-workers and decision-makers to choose a fixed set of relevant content and share it with the rest of the organization to enhance collaboration. TransForm N can manage a wide variety of different inputs, from over hundreds of different device types, and display them in exactly the way you want – on large overview walls, operator desktops, kiosks, or even mobile devices. This enables true collaboration, leading to better and faster decision-making.