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Stained glass windows tell the story of the Battle of the Golden Spurs

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Stained glass windows tell the story of the Battle of the Golden Spurs
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The Battle of the Golden Spurs, the medieval combat between the royal army of France and rebellious forces of the County of Flanders served as an inspiration for numerous books, poems and paintings. More than 700 years later, its story still speaks to the imagination of many. As of now, you can relive the history of the medieval warfare through an immersive sound and light show in Kortrijk, Belgium.

To honor the cultural value of The Battle of the Golden Spurs, also called the Battle of Courtrai, the city of Kortrijk initiated a new permanent installation in the aptly fitting Count’s Chapel. The former mausoleum for Flemish Counts now houses a free immersive projection mapping retelling the story of 1302 designed, produced and installed by the Belgian company CREATE.eu.

Barco G60 - the obvious choice!

The 18-minute show runs daily every half hour. At the start of every show, custom-made panels close over the stained windows which then form the canvas on which thirteen Barco G60 laser projectors bring the story of the Golden Spurs to life. The G60 has the high-quality and long-lasting performance to impress the visitors every time again.

As a Kortrijk-based company, it is an honor for Barco to be part of this significant project! The Barco technology is no stranger to CREATE.eu, so “it was never a topic of debate,” says Olivier De Baere, Director Live Productions and Installations at CREATE.eu. “The 1302 project is right in their backyard. But also: we know the team and its products very well. For cultural immersive experiences where quality is the number one priority, Barco is our first choice. The Barco projectors deliver high image quality and are reliable products with a long lifetime. Exactly what was needed for this show.”

Architectural heritage

Doing a projection mapping in the Count’s Chapel and the Church of Our Lady, part of Flanders Heritage, brings with its own challenges, of course. In addition, the Church of Our Lady is also still open for regular worshippers. “So, we needed a solution that integrates smoothly in the exclusive venue, both visually and auditory,” explains De Baere.

“The G60s surprised us with their low decibels! And their compact size and short-throw lens capabilities are unique in the market. They served the project well by delivering a memorable experience while also respecting the church medieval architecture.”

Edutainment for young and old

The exhibition, which also includes a 12m interactive table, VR storytelling and touch screens, is a prime example of edutainment. The CREATE.eu team worked closely together with historians and heritage experts to get all details right. But without compromising on the fun aspect of the exhibition. The Barco G60s delivers on all expectations with an immersive experience that proves popular with visitors of all ages.