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Electro-Voice & Dynacord system unites multiple spaces at Faith Family Church

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Electro-Voice & Dynacord system unites multiple spaces at Faith Family Church
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Electro-Voice & Dynacord system unites multiple spaces at Faith Family Church

Since its start in 2013, Faith Family Church in Baytown, TX has seen continued growth, quickly outgrowing its roots as a portable house of worship. Land was acquired, a campus was planned, and a 60,000 sq. ft. facility with a 1400-seat sanctuary was opened in early March 2020. The integration of the church’s audio, video and lighting systems across the main auditorium and several ancillary rooms was handled by worship AV specialists Ellis Pro Media, a Continuant company.

“This was a design-build, and great client to work with,” says Austin Hess of Ellis Pro Media. “We knew that Electro-Voice would be a great solution, especially paired with the new Dynacord IPX series amplifiers. It’s a product we wholeheartedly believe in, to the point where many of the designers and staff at Ellis Pro Media have EV products in the churches we attend.”

A carefully chosen combination of EV loudspeaker models ensures a consistently high level of sound quality in spaces across the campus. The loudspeakers are powered by Dynacord IPX amplifiers configured as a centralized Dante/OCA audio/control network, and operated by SONICUE sound system software. “This is the first X2 rig we’ve deployed using SONICUE for processing,” says Hess. “It allowed us to be up and running more efficiently than in the past, and both our team and the client appreciated that.”

The main system in the sanctuary consists of twin X2 line arrays; six with a 90° horizontal dispersion above two 120° models. These are augmented by two EVF-1122D/126 loudspeakers for front fill and three EVH-1152/96 horn-loaded models as rear delay fills. Eight X12-128 dual-18” subwoofers provide low-frequency support. Five IPX20:4 amplifiers power the mains and subs; a single IPX10:8 powers the fills. Hess considers the X12-128 subwoofer to be a secret weapon behind EV’s superb, seemingly effortless LF fidelity. “These subs give you everything you want in terms of output and tonality, with such a small footprint,” adds Hess. “Add the way they maintain musicality at high output, and in my opinion they perform as well – if not better than – any other premium sub on the market.”

The Children’s Auditorium features a left-right pair of EVF-1122D/126 loudspeakers with a single flown EVF-2151D sub, while coverage in the Pre-school Auditorium is provided by two EVU-2082/95 ultra-compact models. The multipurpose Next Steps Room uses two EVC-1122/95 compact loudspeakers as mains, paired with EVC-1181S flown subwoofers. One IPX10:4 and one IPX5:4 provide the power and processing to these systems. A pair of EVC-1122/64 loudspeakers powered by a separate Dynacord C3600FDi amplifier provide coverage for a fifth/sixth grade classroom. Four EKX-12P portable powered loudspeakers are available for stage monitor use.

When Faith Family Church held its first live-attendance services since closing due to COVID-19, with CDC social distancing guidelines in place, the new system delivered. “They are grateful to be getting back to live worship in the new sanctuary,” says Hess. “I’d almost forgotten how great the X-Line Advance system sounds – everyone agreed it was an amazing experience.”