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New AmpliVox Multimedia Presentation Furniture Integrates Technology in Style
Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2014
New AmpliVox Multimedia Presentation Furniture Integrates Technology in Style  AmpliVox Sound Systems is proud to unveil a new line of multimedia presentation furniture, designed to enhance any presentation through the integration of cutting-edge technology. These new multimedia options and accessories help presenters stay organized and keep all their technology devices at their fingertips. The lecterns combine quality standard features with a broad range of available options for greater ability to customize to the presenter's needs. The multimedia furniture line includes 11 different product styles, allowing for a perfect fit of technology application to presentation setting.

Most public speakers today rely heavily on evolving technology to help get their message across. Computers, tablets, smartphones, and document cameras are all used to relay graphic information, which then must be clearly projected for viewing by the audience. Sound systems also play a vital role in larger rooms, carrying the speaker's voice to the far reaches of the audience. AmpliVox's new multimedia lecterns accommodate a multitude of devices with dedicated shelving, lockable storage, and streamlined, contemporary designs for a polished, professional appearance.

AmpliVox's multimedia lecterns and work stations cover the gamut of presentation needs. The line includes workhorse options that emphasize utility and mobility for multiple devices, such as the Mobilite Lectern with its lockable fron and easy-access rear cabinet to simplify connections, and the compact Multimedia Work Station with its drop-leaf shelves for projectors and other tools. Unique innovations include the Visionary Lectern's integrated front panel screen that displays graphics directly from the speaker's laptop, the Intellect Podium's retractable document camera drawer, and the Pinnacle Lectern's weatherproof shell that takes presentation technology indoors or out. For the most traditional settings, the Coventry and Ambassador Lecterns wrap versatile tech support features in elegant hardwood styles. Other furniture pieces in the Multimedia Presentation line provide throughtfully designed shelving and connection systems with clean, contemporary style in a variety of top quality finishes.

AmpliVox also offers a variety of functional and aesthetic options to completely customize its multimedia presentation furniture, including:

Sound Systems: Wired, wireless, Line Array, Bluetooth (internal and external)

Monitor Mounts: Pop-up, open LCD, touch screen, recessed (open or plexiglass), recessed locking, or Ergotron LCD

Connectivity: Dataports, surge protectors, cable reservoirs

Work Surface Options: Flat, slant, split, or wedge tops; ADA wheelchair shelves; curved sides; laminate finishes

Access Panels: Extron cutouts, rear access panels, hidden locks, cable doors, fixed rack railsl

Shelves/Drawers: Keyboard shelves, drop front, external and internal pull-out shelves, camera and accessory drawers

Drop Leaf Shelves: Electric adjustable, hidden, or heavy duty

Clocks/Timers: LED timer, clock timer (integrated or clip-on), digital LED clock

Lamps/Lights: Clip-on reading lamps; built-in halogen lamps, dual gooseneck LED, or Gig-Light

Security Options: Security cables, locking doors and cabinets

Environmental Protection: Protective covers, dust covers, cooling fans

Logo Customization: Front panel personalized logos

"AmpliVox's multimedia lecterns are keeping pace with all the new developments in presentation technology," noted AmpliVox CEO Don Roth. "Our lecterns are first and foremost technlogy tools, as well as attractive furniture pieces. As a long-time leader in the presentation furniture industry, we've used our expertise to design products to adapt to changing needs while preserving the classic styling that fits any decor."

To learn more about AmpliVox Multimedia Presentation Furniture, visit http://ampli.com/multimedia-podium/.

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