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Integrate High-Performance Sound Using AmpliVox Line Array Speakers
Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Integrate High-Performance Sound Using AmpliVox Line Array Speakers

AmpliVox’s deep understanding of the audiovisual needs of multiple industries has led to the efficient design of their Line Array Speakers. These speakers are ideal for integrating into today’s many space-intensive applications. They provide clear, high-performance sound for permanent installations or mobile cart applications. They can be used vertically or horizontally. Their price point enhances budget management. And, they reflect AmpliVox’s legendary performance and quality in design, construction, and customer support.

The speaker enclosure measures 17” long by 3.4” high by 5” deep. The speaker system provides uniform sound output and is designed to take advantage of the unique sound dispersion characteristics of multiple stacked drivers. The radiation pattern of a long, thin source is wedge-shaped. The sound radiates in two dimensions: in and out and left and right, but not up and down.

The 2U-size speaker system employs six 2" full range drivers in a continuous line array configuration.  These mini/sub-compact speakers deliver consistent coverage over substantially a full range of frequencies, using natural-sounding cone-type drivers in a very small package.

Passive or Amplified Speakers Available

AmpliVox Line Array Speakers are available in several configurations. Model S1234 is a passive speaker that handles up to 50 watts at 4 ohms and a frequency response of 400 to 12,000 Hz.  There is one spring-loaded speaker terminal. The durable, lightweight black PVC enclosure is highlighted with an acoustically transparent black perforated steel grille.

Model SS1234 adds a 50-watt amplifier to the above speaker system.  There are multiple inputs:

  • RCA audio
  • 1/4" microphone jack
  • 3.5mm line level
  • 12V DC
  • Spring loaded speaker terminal

The single output is 3.5mm line level. The controls include Power On/Off, Line-in Volume and Mic Volume.

Model SW1234 adds a 16 channel UHF Wireless Microphone to Model SS1234.

Effective in Horizontal Installations

Model SS1234, a 50 watt amplified speaker, is ideal for adding to mobile AV carts and mobile interactive whiteboard carts/stands.  When mounted in the horizontal direction on the top surface of either projector arm or cart, sound from the speaker will be directed toward the audience with outstanding clarity and life-like quality.

Duo Tandem Line Array Provides Rack Mount Convenience

The AmpliVox Duo Tandem Rack Mount Line Array PA System is a unique two-piece amplifier module and line array speaker that integrates with presentation furniture to deliver brilliant sound with simple control. The two-piece design allows for the installation of the speaker module facing the audience while the amplifier module’s controls are at the presenter’s fingertips.  Model SSB1240 includes the S1234 Line Array Speaker and SS1240 Amplifier Module. Model SWB1240 adds a choice of wireless lapel or handheld microphone.

Effective in Many Applications

AmpliVox Line Array Speakers are ideally suited for such applications as:

  • Rack mount monitor speaker
  • Digital signage
  • Museum displays
  • Teleconferencing/videoconferencing
  • Multi-purpose space
  • P.O.P displays
  • Trade shows

System Integrator Solutions

AmpliVox has become part of many successful system integrator solutions. For example, Emtec, Inc., an IT solution provider, was chosen by the Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville, FL (the 19th largest school district in the U.S.) to upgrade their technology. One project featured the AmpliVox model SS1245 Amplified Line Array Speaker installed into the classroom video carts.

AVTEQ, Inc., a manufacturer of AV furniture, selected the AmpliVox SS1234 for their line of mobile AV carts. MasterVision, maker of interactive whiteboards, needed a sound system to bundle with their products at a major office furniture supplier and chose the AmpliVox S1234/SS1234 as the solution. Bretford Manufacturing needed a speaker solution for their new EXPLORE Mobile Interactive Whiteboard Cart and chose the AmpliVox SS1234. These companies and many others have chosen AmpliVox Line Array Speakers for their performance, quality and support.

Photo Caption: Multimedia carts used by Emtec with integrated AmpliVox Duo Tandem Line Array Soundbar System.

About AmpliVox

AmpliVox ® Sound Systems products are predominantly made in the USA, meet stringent CE standards, and come with a warranty up to 12 years.  Our wide selection meets every speaker's sound coverage and style needs. Whether you are in a small meeting room of 10 people or a large 20,000 square foot auditorium of up to 10,000 people, AmpliVox ® Sound Systems' extensive range of superior quality, simple to operate and reliable electronics will provide maximum satisfaction and ensure a crystal clear message.   Creators of the Pink Podium Promise cause marketing initiative, AmpliVox donates pink podiums and pink megaphones to breast cancer awareness organizations, helping lead the effort to “Speak Up for the Cause”. Visit http://www.ampli.com for more information.