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AmpliVox Rolls Out Major Upgrade in Audio Power and Versatility of Integrated Multimedia Lecterns
Posted on Tuesday, November 11, 2014
AmpliVox Rolls Out Major Upgrade in Audio Power and Versatility of Integrated Multimedia Lecterns

AmpliVox Sound Systems has unveiled major upgrades to over 15 of its popular integrated multimedia lectern products, equipping them with 150 watt digital amplifiers. An upgrade from the 50W amps in previous models, the new amplifier delivers greater sound dispersion and coverage with improved voice clarity and richness. The new lecterns also offer new connectivity and control features, adding versatility and power to many of AmpliVox’s most attractive lecterns for education, training, conference events, corporate meeting rooms, hotels, houses of worship, and other presentation settings. AmpliVox offers a detailed product comparison guide on its website to assist dealers and customers with selections.

For unbeatable ease of use, the 150 watt amps in the upgraded lecterns are controlled by integrated control panels conveniently positioned within the lectern. In addition, the lecterns are now fitted with BluetoothR for wireless streaming of audio from a smartphone or tablet, with volume and playback controlled from the lectern panel. This attractive streamlined design places all the necessary audio controls at the presenter’s fingertips. Additional free upgrades include a 16-channel UHF wireless receiver, a hot gooseneck dynamic microphone for all S/SW models, and a standard AC power plug. Many lecterns can be customized with logos, colors, and other design choices.

AmpliVox’s new upgrade package includes the following lectern lines:

·         Multimedia Computer Lectern (SS/SW3230)

·         Presidential Plus Lectern (S/SW450)

·         Executive Column Lectern (S/SW505)

·         Executive Adjustable Height Column (S/SW505A)

·         Chancellor Lectern (S/SW470)

·         Elite Lectern (S/SW355)

·         Pinnacle Floor Lectern (SS/SW3250) – Features a special Integrated Dashboard with complete side-by-side audio controls, onboard digital clock/timer, and a built-in, shielded lectern light.

·         Pinnacle Tabletop Lectern (SS/SW3240)

·         Coventry Lectern (SS/SW3030)

·         Victoria Lectern (SS/SW3020)

·         Multimedia Presentation Podium (SS/SW3235)

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