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AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems and Lecterns Now Stream Music with Wireless Bluetooth™ Connectivity
Posted on Friday, January 23, 2015
AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems and Lecterns Now Stream Music  with Wireless Bluetooth™ Connectivity

AmpliVox Sound Systems announces that as of January 2015, most of its portable PA systems will be upgraded to include Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity at no additional charge. The addition of Bluetooth™ technology as a standard feature will allow users to stream music and other audio directly from any Bluetooth™ enabled smartphone, tablet, computer, or other device. Bluetooth™ enhanced products will include AmpliVox’s SW800 Titan Portable PA, SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner. The SW720 Wireless PA System will be available with standard Bluetooth™ later in 2015. In addition, AmpliVox will now offer standard Bluetooth™ on many of its most popular sound-equipped lecterns.

“Streaming technology has added a new dimension to how presentations engage audiences,” noted AmpliVox CEO Don Roth. “Our PAs with Bluetooth™ make it simple to incorporate music and other audio media into presentations, all easily controlled from the user’s handheld device.”

AmpliVox’s portable PA systems with Bluetooth™ offer versatile sound amplification for a wide range of indoor and outdoor settings. The SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner supplies the greatest coverage for large spaces, with a 250-watt amp for audiences up to 7500 and room sizes up to 25,000 square feet. It also accommodates up to four wireless microphones, making it an optimal choice for presentations with multiple speakers.  The SW800 Titan system contains a 100-watt amp and eight inch speaker for audiences up to 2500 and rooms up to 10,000 square feet, all in an easy-to-transport wheeled unit with luggage handle. For smaller venues, the SW720 Wireless PA’s six inch full range speaker and 30-watt amp project crystal clear sound to audience of up to 500 people in rooms as large as 2,500 square feet. 

In the SW800 and SW915 systems, the addition of standard Bluetooth™ will coincide with the elimination of the units’ standard integrated CD player. The SW720 will continue to be available with an integrated CD player along with the new Bluetooth™ module. This change reflects the added versatility, value, and ease of use delivered by the newer streaming technology.

“Market trends show sales of audio CDs to be on a steady decline; every year has been worse than the preceding year in terms of CD sales. At the same time, paid digital downloads are increasing significantly,” observes Roth. “With streaming of digital music now the dominant mode of listening, we have decided to replace the standard CD player with a Bluetooth™ module and make the CD player an option.”

The new Bluetooth™-enhanced lecterns from AmpliVox offer self-contained audio control, including streaming, within attractive contemporary designs. Lecterns available with standard Bluetooth™ include, but are not limited to:

• Multimedia Computer Lectern (SS/SW3230)
• Presidential Plus Lectern (S/SW450) 
• Executive Column Lectern (S/SW505)
• Executive Adjustable Height Column (S/SW505a)
• Chancellor Lectern (S/SW470) 
• Elite Lectern (S/SW355)
• Pinnacle Floor Lectern (SS/SW3250) – Features a special Integrated Dashboard with
   complete side-by-side audio controls, onboard digital clock/timer, and a built-in, 
   shielded lectern light.
• Contemporary Lectern (SS/SW3100)
• Coventry Lectern (SS/SW3030)
• Victoria Lectern (SS/SW3020)
• Patriot Lectern (SS/SW3040)

In addition, several of AmpliVox’s popular Acrylic Lecterns and Contemporary Lecterns are available with Bluetooth™ by special order.

Most of AmpliVox’s portable PA systems and lecterns with included Bluetooth™will be available in January 2015. The SW720 with Bluetooth™ included will be available at a future date. For more information about AmpliVox portable PA systems, visit http://ampli.com.

Photo Caption: Bluetooth is available on several of AmpliVox’s portable PAs and sound-equipped lecterns. Pictured from left: dashboard controls SW3250 Pinnacle Lectern.

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