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Multipurpose Safety Wand Megaphone from AmpliVox Enhances Crowd Control
Posted on Monday, February 8, 2016
Multipurpose Safety Wand Megaphone from AmpliVox Enhances Crowd Control

When directing large groups of people in motion, effective communication is essential to ensure safety.  AmpliVox Sound Systems’ S606 Safety Wand Megaphone gives police officers, fire departments, emergency medical technicians, and other first responders the tools to communicate quickly and clearly. This all-in-one crowd control baton with a built-in megaphone is also an excellent choice for parking attendants and security officers at sporting events, concerts, and other large venues.

The AmpliVox S606 Safety Wand Megaphone combines the features of an LED safety wand with a loudspeaker megaphone, increasing the user’s visibility and voice range in a single lightweight, durable, and water-resistant unit. The wand includes five ultra-bright red LEDs for a continuous or flashing flare and a white LED strobe light at the tip of the wand, providing visibility from 3,000 yards. A detachable 20-watt Piezo microphone connects to the wand’s handle via a 5’ coil cord. A rotary volume control on the side of the handle adjusts the megaphone’s volume level with a whistle function as loud as 105 decibels. The baton’s handle includes easy-to-use control buttons to activate different functions. The unit is powered by an integrated rechargeable battery pack that can be plugged into AC outlets or vehicle chargers, with a run time of up to 100 hours per charge.

“AmpliVox’s Safety Wand Megaphone makes crowd management more powerful in all kinds of settings,” notes Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO.  “It combines clear vocal amplification with enhanced visibility. Better communication delivers improved safety in situations ranging from concerts and sporting events to emergency evacuations.”

For more information about the S606 Safety Wand Megaphone, or other portable emergency sound products from AmpliVox, visit http://www.ampli.com

Photo Caption: The AmpliVox S606 Safety Wand Megaphone combines the features of an LED crowd and traffic management wand with a loudspeaker megaphone.

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