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Coaches Communicate Better with Versatile Sound System Support
Posted on Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Coaches Communicate Better with Versatile Sound System Support

“Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication.” 

– Mike Krzyzewski

Every coach knows that good communication is essential to success. Whether you’re advising in a huddle or shouting from the sidelines, reliable communication enables your athletes to execute and achieve. The need for communication also extends beyond the team to staff and spectators for effective, safe event management. Anyone who has nursed a hoarse post-game throat knows just how strenuous it can be.

Fortunately, a wide variety of portable sound system products are available to make communication easier on your voice while extending its range. From handheld megaphones to freestanding hailer arrays, these versatile and cost-effective tools enhance your ability to direct your team, engage your audience, and deliver instructions to staff members. Portable, easy to use sound systems support all kinds of sports, including football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, softball, track and field, and more. You can even create dignified awards ceremonies with sound-equipped lecterns that move easily and withstand outdoor conditions. Consider the many options available to meet the specific needs of your teams and facilities, from gyms to arenas to outdoor athletic fields.

Megaphones: Grab-and-Go Power Whenever You Need It

For ease of use and portability, a megaphone sound system can’t be beat. Today’s top-quality megaphones offer capabilities that go far beyond the basic bullhorns of the past. A 25W megaphone can carry your voice up to a mile with lightweight, handheld convenience. Lithium ion rechargeable batteries run for hours of active use, and can still hold a charge for extended periods on the shelf. Useful integrated features include siren and whistle modes, volume controls, and strobe safety beacons. When choosing a megaphone product, consider the variety of purposes it will serve and the venues in which it will be used. For the ultimate in weatherproof durability, megaphones are even available in completely waterproof and dustproof models -- perfect for water sports or other activities in extreme conditions.

Photo Caption: Megaphones combine go-anywhere versatility with powerful sound amplification. Pictured: AmpliVox S604R Mity Meg (left) and Made in USA ProMarine Waterproof Megaphone.

Portable Sound Systems – Small Footprint, Wide Coverage

A portable sound system can be used in various locations, moving with you from the athletic office to the training facility to the competition field. Systems set up in a matter of minutes, and run on battery power for extra flexibility. Perfect for communicating with audiences and participants, these systems can also enhance events with music from onboard audio devices or streaming. Announcements can be made via handheld, lapel, or headset microphones for convenient, crystal-clear delivery of information. Look for systems that have the power to cover the size of your facility and the durability to be used under demanding conditions.

Lecterns Add Substance to Award Presentations

To make recognition ceremonies truly special, a lectern creates a dignified setting while adding convenience and comfort for presenters. Attractive lecterns are available in highly durable, weatherproof materials, with rolling casters and handles to add ease of mobility and set-up in gyms or on athletic fields. Sound-equipped versions, either wired or wireless, project presenters’ voices clearly to all participants. They can even be customized with team colors or logos. Lecterns can also be used for other customer service purposes, such as check-in stations, information booths, or program sale kiosks. Again, the key to making a good selection is to fully consider the functions your lectern will serve and the environments in which it will be used.

Bottom line: clear communication is at the core of successful coaching, as well as successful events. Sound equipment makes communication easy, effective, and entertaining, freeing you to focus on the substance of your message. A small sound system investment, tailored to your organization’s needs, will deliver years of positive results.

About the Author: Don Roth is CEO of AmpliVox Sound Systems, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-quality sound systems and presentation support products. AmpliVox was recently named Business of the Year by the Northbrook Chamber of Commerce, in recognition of its company values. For more information about AmpliVox products for athletic programs, visit ampli.com