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AmpliVox Introduces Fitness and Waterproof Packages for Active Professionals
Posted on Monday, May 15, 2017
AmpliVox Introduces Fitness and Waterproof Packages for Active Professionals

Versatile packages feature new headset mic for aquatics and group ex instructors.

Northbrook, IL –  AmpliVox Sound Systems now offers fitness industry accessory packages, specially designed for aquatics and fitness instructors. Available in both waterproof and moisture-resistant styles, the new packages include headset microphones, transmitter beltpacks, and wireless transmitters to pair with AmpliVox’s SW915, SW800, SW610 and SW615 portable PA systems. These durable accessories allow teachers to lead large swim and exercise classes without vocal strain or worry about sweat or water damage.

Waterproof microphone headsets give instructors the freedom to safely work with students in pools or under extreme conditions. AmpliVox’s new S1647/S1647T Waterproof Fitness Package includes a wireless, waterproof headset made of adjustable rubber coated steel, containing a bi-directional noise-cancelling microphone.  The package also includes a watertight polycarbonate transmitter case on an adjustable nylon belt, capable of being submerged in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes in accordance with IP67 testing parameters.  The S1647T package is available with an S1690T Wireless 16-Channel UHF Bodypack Transmitter, enabling instructors to transmit to an AmpliVox portable PA system located up to 150 feet away.

For exercise classes and other group activities away from the water, AmpliVox offers the durable, moisture-resistant S1648T Fitness Package. This package combines the wireless waterproof headset with a comfortable neoprene belt that secures the S1690T transmitter. A Velcro closure holds the transmitter firmly in place during movement. The belt and headset are also available without the transmitter (S1648).

 “Swim and fitness instructors are very excited about AmpliVox’s new fitness and waterproof accessory packages,” notes Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO. “These headsets can be used anywhere and help teachers lead classes effectively without any strain on their voices. The versatility and durability of these products make them a necessity for aquatic centers, recreation centers, health clubs, schools, and any other swim or fitness venue.”

Learn more about AmpliVox products at http://ampli.com.

Photo Caption: AmpliVox’s new S1647T Waterproof Accessory Package includes a waterproof wireless headset microphone, a wireless transmitter, and a waterproof polycarbonate transmitter case on an adjustable nylon belt.


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