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AMPLIVOX Wireless Audio Portable Buddy SW222
Posted on Monday, January 5, 2009
AMPLIVOX Wireless Audio Portable Buddy SW222

Compact 50 Watt Powerhouse of Presentation Versatility

AmpliVox Sound Systems offers the Portable Audio Buddy for multimedia presentations to audiences up to 1,000 in rooms up to 10,000 sq. feet. The powerful 50 watt audio system includes projector and laptop interface cables to provide a companion audio booster for a laptop and a video projector. The Portable Audio Buddy allows the presenter to amplify their 2-3 watt computer or LCD projector with 50 watts of clear, quality sound. The Buddy comes with both a headset and lapel mic, giving the presenter a choice of wireless mic style that is most comfortable to use.
The Portable Audio Buddy delivers clear, quality sound in any location, indoors or out. This portable presentation partner is a complete 50 watt multimedia sound system with Jensen style 6-in. x 8-in. oval speaker built into a compact, lightweight (weighs only 4 lbs.) rugged carrying case. The ‘Road Warrior’ will love its ease of use and power that fills a meeting, conference, or training room with rich, room filling natural sound. Just ‘plug & speak’; connect your projector or computer into the amplifier line-in and turn the power on!
The solid state stereo amplifier has a built-in receiver allowing every presenter to be hands free with wireless freedom to roam within a 300 foot radius. Two presenters can be wireless simultaneously with the addition of a wireless mic kit. The amplifier will accommodate up to four presenters at the same time.
MSRP for the SW222 with wireless lapel and headset mic is $724.00, the SW223 with wireless handheld mic is $767.00, S222 is $483.00
About AmpliVox® Sound Systems
AmpliVox® Sound Systems engineers, manufactures and markets portable public address systems and reliable elegant lecterns with integrated wireless sound systems for a myriad of different presentations and communication applications both indoors and outdoors, including meetings, trainings, seminars and conferences.
AmpliVox® Sound Systems products are made in the USA, meet stringent UL standards, and come with a six [6] year warranty. We have an array of styles and sound coverage for every speaking need. Whether you are in a small meeting room of 30 people or a large 20,000 square foot auditorium of up to 5,000 people, AmpliVox® Sound Systems’ extensive range of superior quality, easy to use and reliable audio electronics will provide maximum customer satisfaction and ensure that your message is heard.