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AmpliVox Sound Systems Enhance Events for Community Historical Society
Posted on Monday, July 10, 2017
AmpliVox Sound Systems Enhance Events for Community Historical Society

Northbrook, IL: A commitment to community teamwork has enabled the Northbrook Historical Society to enhance its programming with top-quality sound equipment from AmpliVox Sound Systems. Thanks to a grant from the Northbrook Rotary Club and a generous discount from local business AmpliVox, the Historical Society now has a versatile wireless sound system for tours, fundraisers, meetings, and private events.

The Historical Society serves the Northbrook Community with a range of programs throughout the year. Hundreds of guests attend the outdoor “Shermerfest” fundraiser every year, where frequent announcements keep participants informed and engaged. Staff members lead cemetery tours that teach about the community’s forebears. In a newly-renovated historic church that has been designated as Northbrook’s Heritage Center, the Society plans to offer facility rentals for weddings and other private events. For all these purposes, the Society’s leadership saw the need for a versatile and flexible sound system.

“It was something we had wanted to buy for years and years,” said Society representative Judy Hughes. “With the Rotary Club’s help and the potential for weddings in the Heritage Center, we knew this was the time.”

The offer of assistance from Rotary was complemented by a generous discount from AmpliVox, allowing the Historical Society to purchase an SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner Portable PA with an S1297 Companion speaker. The compact and powerful sound system, which moves easily on wheels with a luggage-style handle, sets up anywhere in moments. It can be run on AC power or rechargeable batteries, and offers Bluetooth® streaming to play music from any handheld device.

The new sound equipment was first put into service at the dedication of a memorial bench outside the Heritage Center, where more than a hundred residents attended to honor a beloved mail carrier who had passed away. In the coming months, the equipment will be loaned to the Rotary Club for announcements at their annual July 4th Rubber Duck Race; will welcome guests to an Open House for the Heritage Center; will improve communication at the autumn Shermerfest event; and will enhance wedding ceremonies, group meetings, and a wide variety of other functions.

“We are delighted to support our hometown organizations like the Northbrook Historical Society,” noted Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO. “We know that excellent sound equipment is an absolute necessity for all the educational and social events that they host. AmpliVox is proud to be part of a community that comes together to celebrate its shared history.”

For more information about the Northbrook Historical Society, visit NorthbrookHistory.org.

Photo Caption: The Northbrook Historical Society used its new AmpliVox portable sound system at an outdoor dedication ceremony with over 100 attendees.

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