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New Quad Wireless Receiver from AmpliVox Controls Up to Four Microphones
Posted on Friday, July 21, 2017
New Quad Wireless Receiver from AmpliVox Controls Up to Four Microphones

AmpliVox Sound Systems has introduced a new microphone receiver system to manage up to four wireless microphones from a convenient, rack size unit. The new AmpliVox S9190 UHF Quad Wireless Microphone Receiver System offers four channels of uncompromising audio quality for any presentation setting.

The space-efficient S9190 Quad Wireless Microphone Receiver System can be rack mounted for permanent applications or taken anywhere with its durable, compact design. The 2RU roto-molded chassis houses four independent receivers that can be used simultaneously, each with 16 UHF channels of selectivity, audio and RF indicators, volume control, and a balanced XLR connector with summed output.

The S9190 systems pairs seamlessly with AmpliVox’s S1695 Wireless Handheld Mic or S1693 Wireless Headset and Lapel Mic Kits (sold separately). The Quad Receiver can also be paired with the AmpliVox SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner PA to connect up to seven wireless mics at once.

The receiver offers a range of 300 feet, providing clear sound and flexible use in schools, universities, restaurants, bars, hotel conference rooms, convention halls, corporate boardrooms, churches, and more.

For more information about AmpliVox’s S9190 Quad Wireless Microphone Receiver System, visit Ampli.com.

About AmpliVox

AmpliVox ® Sound Systems products are predominantly made in the USA, meet stringent CE standards, and come with a warranty up to 12 years.  AmpliVox ® Sound Systems offers an extensive range of superior quality, simple to operate, and reliable electronics, including our new integrated multi-media furniture line, to provide maximum satisfaction and ensure a crystal clear message.  AmpliVox was named Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year in recognition of its outstanding company values.  AmpliVox products are compliant with the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board (CARB) and our PA systems and lecterns are manufactured to be RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Compliant. Visit http://www.ampli.com for more information.


Photo Caption: AmpliVox’s new S9190 Wireless Quad Microphone Receiver System supports up to four microphones in a compact unit, suitable for all types of venues.