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Model: Devio DTM-1

The Devio DTM-1 is an advanced beam-forming microphone suitable for use with Devio CR-1 feature-rich conferencing system.
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In the AV World, ‘Backorder’ and ‘Programming’ Are Four-Letter Words
Posted on Wednesday, March 15, 2023

March 15, 2023 - If you read last week's article, “For the Impera Uniform, Form Follows Function,” then you know Biamp offers a range of highly capable, easily adaptable, and beautifully designed AV control solutions.

But capable, adaptable and beautiful mean nothing if the controller you need sits in a box waiting for someone to set it up. That's today's reality for almost all leading AV integrators, assuming they're even able to get control products delivered due to the supply chain crisis impacting AV and control manufacturers.

But it's not just product shortages plaguing integrators. Beyond the supply chain crisis, the challenge with most brands of control interfaces is the technical expertise required to get them set up to function properly.  

Thus, even if the product you've chosen is readily available, too often said product requires extensive programming before it can be deployed as an easy-to-use, end-user control solution. Depending on the brand of controller you found, it could very well require a programmer with specific industry certifications or even a degree in software engineering—and as anyone in this business knows, that type of talent doesn't grow on trees.

So, if you're an integrator who can't find an individual with the right qualifications to deliver a control solution that does what your customer expects, where does that leave you?

Stuck in a situation you'd rather avoid, most likely.

Enter Biamp.

With control solutions in stock for immediate delivery, Biamp is the cure for AV integrators' supply chain headaches.  

What's more—and speaking of headaches—our groundbreaking Project Designer software means an end to programming agony. With Project Designer, almost anyone can easily build a system using customized Biamp controllers to meet end-users' unique requirements.

In fact, device-specific functions across more than 7,000 AV products from more than 100 manufacturers are pre-loaded in Project Designer—enabling fast, easy configuration of Biamp controllers thanks to drag-and-drop simplicity.

Because configuring our control solutions via Project Designer takes a small fraction of the time it takes to program our competitors' products, there's more time for quality assurance and making final system adjustments. With Project Designer's drag-and-drop configuration, the system is also easier to maintain by end-user organizations, enabling their IT staff to add or change equipment as the system evolves.

With immediate availability and unparalleled configuration simplicity, our control solutions solve two critical industry challenges.

Now you have the help you need to quickly work through your project backlog and do what integrators love best: get in, get out, and get paid faster.

Watch the Biamp Project Designer Overview video.

Model: Project Designer