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Three Things You Can Do by Adding the Impera Connect-X MP6 to Your AV Control Environment
Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2023
Three Things You Can Do by Adding the Impera Connect-X MP6 to Your AV Control Environment

July 19, 2023 - Last month Biamp unveiled a new member of our room control product portfolio, the Impera Connect-X MP6. The Connect-X MP6 is a lightweight peripheral that easily extends the versatility of Impera controllers by adding serial, IR, GPIO and LAN control to Impera controllers connected to local area networks. Each LAN-connected Impera controller can host up to eight Connect-X MP6 multiport extenders without consuming any LAN ports.

The Connect-X MP6 not only expands a control system's functionality, it makes it effortless to do so. Let's take a quick look at three things you can do with the Connect-X MP6:

Cost Effective and Future Proof Expansion

Sometimes you know when the needs of a room will evolve to include more technology, and thus more control; sometimes you don't. When designing the system, are you creating it for the needs you have today, or the anticipated needs of tomorrow? The dilemma is that if you choose to manage costs, you could be sacrificing capability later; if you choose to plan for the future, you could be spending money on technology you won't use for months, years or ever. Connect-X MP6 solves this problem for you.

Buy the controller you want today knowing that you can expand it effortlessly and cost effectively tomorrow. When a control pad like the Impera Echo Plus is perfect for your needs today, install it knowing you can add as many as 48 more ports and control 16 more IP devices, adding only the number of ports you need, when and where you need them. Leveraging this capability of the Connect-X MP6 will let you grow a control system that matches your contemporary needs, while keeping your cost per port approximately the same.

Bring the Ports to You

The Connect-X MP6 bridges the local area network and conventional AV ports, letting installers use the convenience of Ethernet cabling to bring AV ports directly to devices. Instead of running wires up and down walls and through ceilings, the Connect-X easily connects right where the device to be controlled lives. Chances are, particularly in existing spaces, there's a convenient ethernet drop somewhere close by. This ability to connect where the device is located makes adding the Connect-X MP6 a good option regardless of the chosen controller, especially when equipment may be distributed throughout a large room.

Getting it Done Fast

Weighing less than one-quarter pound (110g), the Connect-X MP6 is easily mounted using screws, double sided tape, or zip ties, which makes positioning or fastening it to the device being controlled also simple. (Is there anything simpler than double sided tape? Yes – using double sided tape without running wires and cables through the ceiling!) The Connect-X MP6 is the perfect control peripheral for integrators and installers that want to get in, get the job done, and move onto the next project. These are only a few of the cool features and advantages of our newest room control product. The form factor, features and ease of deployment make the Connect-X MP6 a game changer in the Biamp room control family.

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