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Da-Lite Introduces Ambient Light Rejecting Technologies
Posted on Monday, July 6, 2015
Parallax is the latest family of surfaces from Da-Lite, and features an advanced optical lens system that rejects light, rather than only diffusing light. This new technology mimics the look of a television, but without the glare from windows or lighting fixtures. 

“We are very excited to roll out this new technology to our customers,” said Melissa Rone, Senior Marketing Manager. “Sometimes consumers want the look and technology of a flat panel, but if the room is greater than 15 feet deep, a flat panel is too small. When a larger display is needed, Parallax can provide both the benefits of a brightly lit display that is black when it is not under projection, and accommodate sizes up to a 120 inch diagonal.”


Parallax is made up of multiple micro-layers to achieve its light blocking properties and superior viewing angles. Each micro-layer has a function in creating the brightly lit display. Layers that are black boost contrast and absorb ambient light from the sides, while a specially shaped layer blocks light from above. This is evident in demos where lights can be shown directly above the screen without washing out the image.

“Da-Lite has been looking at ambient light rejecting technology for about eight years, but only now do we have surfaces that perform at a level appropriate for Pro AV,” said Wendy Cox, Director of Product Development. Da-Lite is launching two ambient light rejecting surfaces.Parallax 0.8 for standard throw projectors and Parallax UST 0.45 for ultra short-throw projectors. Both products are flexible, shipping in a roll, and feature speckle and glare-free surfaces as well as extremely wide viewing angles of 85? and 80? respectively.