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Safari Collection
Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Safari Collection

Safari is the new Gitzo range specifically dedicated to birdwatchers and outdoor photographers.
A premium selection of tripods and heads completely resistant to natural elements, developed for the professional who is looking for ultra stable and precise solutions. Head systems achieve maximum control for all movements and exactly the speed you need, eliminating even the smallest unwanted give and play.
This is very useful when fast equipment repositioning is required. Tripods have special waterproof leg locks, to withstand to extreme conditions, blocking water, mud or sand.

They have inserts at both ends, minimizing outside elements that may enter tubes and locking mechanism. Solid, lightweight, compact, Safari are in black, green and brown colors to be as natural looking as possible.

A very nice and elegant collection, easy to match with most popular outdoor accessories, clothing and equipment.

Ready to adapt to your challenges, ready to give you the best results

Date: Dec 9, 2010