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Vintage Collection
Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Vintage Collection

After celebrating in 2007 the 90th anniversary, Gitzo continues to recall the golden ages of photography with an exclusive celebratory Vintage collection. This unique collection consists of two kits and it is dedicated to really affectionate photographers. It is a genuine replica of Gitzo Seventies supports, that in those days, like today the Gitzo 6X carbon fiber tripods, represented the cutting edge and most advanced supports in the market. The Gitzo classic logos, the old style graphics and finishing and the stylish details, make these items the quintessence of history and emotion. From a technical point of view, these tripods are a phenomenal combination of old and new features that makes them incredibly versatile.

The upper casting configuration provides a great compactness and a great stability of the upper disc that sits directly on the large casting top end. The two section telescopic column, a key Gitzo innovation in those days, allows for a convenient height adjustment while maintaining a small foot print. These “old days” smart features are combined to the latest and most advanced Gitzo technologies, like G-Lock, Ground Level Set, Anti Leg Rotation, the new 1.2mm Aluminum tube, Power Disc and PTFE treatment for the heads. Both kits come with a vintage bag, a stylish and well designed carrying solutions which meets Gitzo’s tough standards in terms of functionality and attention to details. The bag design and the materials used are inspired to the 60s and 70s golf and sport bags. The classic Gitzo logo enriches and gives an “old fashioned” flavor, consistent with the genuine Gitzo vintage spirit.

The bag's shoulder strap can also be used directly on the tripod as a smart carrying solution, embedded in the kit for additional use flexibility. The Vintage tripods are, in fact, provided with two rings compatible with the shoulder strap clips for a fast and convenient snap-on action. The bag features a side pocket, in genuine vintage style, sized to fit most of compact cameras in the market and any other accessory you might want to carry with you.
The Vintage collection kits are available in Series 1 and 2, four section compact size and include a smart Gitzo display cleaner and a convenient vintage anti dust bag for storage and packing.