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JVC Announces Professional Docking SxS Memory Card Recorder - KA-MR100G
Posted on Friday, September 12, 2008

Docks to JVC GY-HD200/250 Series ProHD Camcorders,
Records High Definition
Video and Audio to SxS Memory Cards

IBC, Amsterdam (September 13, 2008)Today, Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (JVC) announced that it will release the KA-MR100G professional docking SxS (S-By-S) memory card recorder. JVC will launch the memory card recorder KA-MR100G as the company’s first product featuring native XDCAM EX file recording and an SxS memory card slot. This device will record and playback XDCAM EX files on an SxS memory card.

The KA-MR100G will also attach to current JVC ProHD GY-HD200/250 series professional high definition camcorders via a specially designed adapter. Future products from JVC will attach directly to the KA-MR100G.

The KA-MR100G will be available in March 2009 in Europe with a suggested retail price under 2,500 euros and in the US for under 3,000 dollars.

Product Name




SxS Memory Card Recorder


Europe: Under 2,500 euros
US: Under 3,000 dollars

March 2009

(JVC will release KA-UM100G Intermediate Adapter at the same time)

<Main Features >
1. SxS memory card as recording media

As recording media, an SxS memory card can transfer a large amount of high definition video data recorded by the KA-MR100G to a Non-linear editing system.

2. Utilizes XDCAM EX file format

The KA-MR100G records in the XDCAM EX file format. The recorded files are compatible with Sony XDCAM EX series products and also non-linear editing systems that support XDCAM EX.

3. Docks with JVC GY-HD200/250 HDV camcorder series

The KA-MR100G docks with JVC GY-HD200/250 series ProHD camcorders using the separately sold KA-UM100G adapter, without an external IEEE 1394 or other cable. In this configuration the camcorder can record high definition (HD) video with audio onto both videotape and SxS memory card simultaneously.
*1: SxS memory card

SxS is a flash memory card designed for professional video cameras with a high-speed PCI Express interface. It is compatible with a standard Express Card slot and has an approximate recording capacity of up to 70 minutes of high definition (HD) video using a 16GB SxS memory card.


This is the brand name for the Sony Corporation professional video camera series incorporating the SxS memory card as recording media, using a Long GOP MPEG-2 compression method.

< Development Concept >

With the trend to high definition (HD) video, a number of products were introduced into the professional video camera market featuring high-speed data communication using highly reliable memory cards as recording media. The main objective of these products is to provide an efficient editing work flow with professional video production systems.

Until now, JVC business development centred on professional video camcorders recording on videotape. Anticipating the market trend, JVC supplemented videotape with the memory card system to expand its professional camcorder business.

In the future, JVC will ensure a higher-speed, more efficient workflow for high definition (HD) editing by offering professional video camcorders and related products usin