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Posted on Monday, September 15, 2008

Reliable. Proven. Secure
Atlanta,GA (September 15, 2008) --  As one of the world's foremost manufacturers of professional grade audio and video equipment for over a half century, JVC’s leadership in analog video surveillance technology is well founded. As the security industry began the gradual transition from analog to digital IP technology, JVC has been in the forefront developing technologies and products to take the industry to the next level. In this new world of IP video surveillance, traditional video cameras, monitors and recorders are no longer the centerpieces of a high technology security system, but rather input and output devices in a more sophisticated data processing environment.  As systems become more complex, so do the requirements of their peripheral components. Cameras are now considered 'edge devices,' while recorders have become 'storage devices.' Fortunately JVC, with its long history of innovation in both video and computer networking technology, is uniquely positioned to manufacture and deliver the most advanced and highest quality IP surveillance systems.

Nearly a decade ago, JVC introduced its first IP camera, the VN-C1, and branded its unique technology V.Networks which stands for "visual networks". Now more than 20 models later, JVC is introducing its first Mega-Pixel V.Networks camera, the VN-X35U. Throughout the past decade, V.Networks cameras have earned industry awards and a solid reputation for security, reliability, and for providing superior picture quality in thousands of installations worldwide. JVC's V.Networks product line has expanded from strictly cameras to encoders and now network recorders and management systems.

V.Networks from JVC. Reliable. Proven. Secure.

A History of Expertise

JVC’s V.Networks product lineup is the result of the company’s engineering expertise in three major core technologies.  Imaging, Networking, and Mechanism Design are  the foundation for  the world’s most advanced IP surveillance system.

Imaging: The Art of Picture Making

It should be no surprise that JVC constantly strives for superior image quality and performance. Over 80 years ago, JVC’s Dr. Kenjiro Takayanagi began experimenting with television and produced the world’s first television image in 1926. Since that time, JVC innovations created cameras and monitors resulting in the highest quality images for the viewer.

Today, the industry is awash with surveillance cameras that can make color pictures. Widely available inexpensive board level components allow many engineers to design cameras, but they have little experience in making “good pictures.”