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Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Compact Shoulder camcorder to offer Native File Recording onto inexpensive solid state media.

  • Las Vegas, NV (April, 2009)—The highlight of JVC’s presence at NAB 2009 is its latest Compact Shoulder professional camcorder developed for mainstream production, electronic newsgathering and cinematography, the GY-HM700. The new camera uniquely records directly to inexpensive SDHC memory cards in the QuickTime (.MOV) format for Final Cut Pro™, and optionally to SxS media compatible with Sony's XDCAM EX™ format. Recording in the editing system's native format eliminates the time consuming transfer step and dramatically speeds up the post-production workflow, a major breakthrough for JVC and the industry. Additionally, the GY-HM700 includes a number of key technology innovations that result in significantly improved resolution in the camera's core components: CCD/optical block, lens, and viewfinder.

  • Our new generation of ProHD products brings together the most highly regarded and proven technologies in the industry, and the GY-HM700 will have broad appeal,” says Craig Yanagi, Manager, Marketing and Brand Strategy at JVC. “It's an ideal camera for electronic news gathering, documentary production, or mainstream television production. Because of its extremely low media cost, it will have special appeal on projects with high shooting ratios. A documentary producer will now be able to shoot hundreds of hours of footage on a single project without off-loading the material to a hard disk or other storage medium.”

  • Industry’s first native support format for Apple’s Final Cut Pro
  • The GY-HM700 natively records the QuickTime file format used by Apple for Final Cut Pro. There is no need to convert or rewrap files prior to editing. Post-production can begin immediately after shooting. It is even possible to edit directly from the memory card. Since no transfer or re-encoding takes place, first generation quality is always maintained.

  • Additionally, the GY-HM700 is the industry's first shoulder supported ENG camcorder to store files on inexpensive SDHC memory cards. The camera provides 2 memory card slots, for a total of up to 64GB of on-board storage—enough for more than 6 hours* of continuous HD recording. The camera automatically begins recording on the second card when the first card fills up. When the second card fills up, the camera reverts to recording to the first card slot, allowing for virtually unlimited recording time.

  • SDHC cards are economical, highly reliable, and make possible a recording system that consumes up to 20% less power than tape or HDD based systems. The per-minute cost of SDHC memory is comparable to video tape.  Moreover, SDHC media is the first practical solid state solution to physical archive.

  • JVC is offering the GY-HM700 in two basic configurations, the GY-HM700U which records only on SDHC cards, and the GY-HM700UXT, which records to both SxS memory and SDHC cards simultaneously. The base model can be upgraded by adding the SxS adapter later. With the SxS adapter installed, the camera can record in the XDCAM EX .MP4 format onto either or both SxS memory and SDHC memory.  It is also possible to split formats and record .MP4 to the SxS card while recording .MOV to the SDHC memory card. Having two copies instantaneously available provides more versatility in the field with the assurance of always having a back-up.
  • High Resolution Progressive Imaging
  • The GY-HM700 utilizes three precisely aligned 1/3-inch progressive scan CCDs. JVC engineers developed a unique 1/3-inch optical block with H & V Offset and a patented exclusive Adaptive Pixel Correlation Technique that produces resolution significantly higher than previous JVC models and comparable to cameras with larger image sensors.
  • The higher resolution imaging is complemented with a new standard detachable HD lens by Canon, the KT14x4.4KRSJ. Its superior MTF provides higher resolution than typical low cost lenses and is ideal for full 1920 x 1080 imaging. The GY-HM700's standard bayonet mount accepts a wide range of optional lenses available from JVC. Cinematographers will also appreciate JVC's optional prime lens adapter. The GY-HM700 can flip the image commonly inverted when prime lenses are used.
  • JVC’s proprietary MPEG2 encoder provides highly efficient compression at bit rates up to 35Mbps. The GY-HM700 supports all major HD signal formats including 1920 x 1080, 1440 x 1080 and 1280 x 720.
  • New high resolution LCOS viewfinder
  • One of the big improvements featured with the GY-HM700 is the new LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) viewfinder. With 1.22 megapixels, it offers the highest resolution JVC has ever provided in a viewfinder.  This new all-digital viewfinder displays images with more than 5 times the resolution of typical color viewfinders. Its sturdy reinforced die-cast aluminum chassis and LED light source ensure years of trouble-free operation.
  • JVC has also increased the size of the flip-out LCD monitor to 4.3 inches. This jumbo size monitor functions for recording, playback, clip management, and menu operation. Menu operation is intuitive with a single disk, outlined by an LED lamp.
  • Weighing about 8 lbs. including lens, viewfinder, microphone and battery, the GY-HM700 rests comfortably on the right shoulder to provide stable, steady shots, without causing the fatigue associated with bulkier cameras.
  • The GY-HM700 records two channels of uncompressed LPCM 16 bit audio at 48Khz. Levels can be controlled manually, or automatically using AGC, and an audio meter is provided in the LCD and viewfinder displays for easy adjustment. Balanced XLR inputs with phantom power are provided on the camera for an external microphone and/or wireless receiver, and a shotgun microphone is provided.
  • Built-in clip view and management functions, a spot exposure meter, and JVC’s patented Focus Assist round out the GY-HM700’s many on-board features. The camera provides HD/SD SDI, Component, Composite and simultaneous DV/HDV IEEE-1394 outputs. Optional JVC remote control units can be connected to the GY-HM700’s 6-pin remote connector.
  • The GY-HM700 base model is immediately available with a Fujinon 17:1 lens and will be available with the Canon 14:1 in June 2009 at a manufacturer’s suggested price of $7,995. The GY-HM700UXT, which includes the KA-MR100G SxS Media Recorder will is available at a manufacturer’s suggested price of $8,995.
  • For more information and high-resolution photos of JVC’s GY-HM700U and GY-HM700UXT, please visit JVC’s Web site http://www.jvc.com/pro
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