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JVC Delivers on Promises of H.264 Compression and HD Surveillance Cameras
Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2011




LAS VEGAS, NV (ISC West 2011) – JVC Professional Products Company remains one of the leaders in CCTV technology. We established our leadership decades ago with analog video cameras, and have been at the forefront of the transition to IP-based video surveillance equipment. The security industry is now moving into a world of high definition (HD) imaging, and JVC is once again leading the way with the most advanced and highest quality cameras and recorders.

Resolution is important, but it must be balanced with sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio to achieve optimal performance – HD video is irrelevant if your security camera cannot provide usable images after dusk. Many manufacturers rushed ahead with CMOS technology to deliver HD resolution, but they sacrificed low-light performance in the process. Another trend in the industry is the support of the highly touted H.264 compression codec, which other companies have failed to implement in a way that maximizes its efficiency.

At ISC West 2011, JVC has raised the bar again with 11 new V.Networks CMOS-based cameras that output full HD color images up to 1920x1080 pixels. The cameras – a variety of box, integrated lens, mini-dome, outdoor dome, and integrated housing models – feature JVC Super LoLux HD™ technology to match the sensitivity of our well established CCD models, plus new Clear Logic Video Intelligence (CLVI) image processing that compensates for back lighting and digitally removes ambient fog, haze, or smoke. With entry-level, intermediate, and advanced models, our new Super LoLux HD product line provides HD solutions for any budget.

Recently, H.264 has been hyped as a panacea for file-based security installations, with claims that it is far more efficient than M-JPEG or MPEG-4 compression. While H.264 can reduce storage and bandwidth requirements by up to 80 percent, the tradeoff for these efficiencies is a significant increase in processing power requirements. Many systems integrators have been specifying H.264 for a variety of projects, only to find some servers do not have the processing power to handle the workload.

Another complication is that there are several H.264 “flavors” or profiles – Baseline, Main, and High Profile are the most popular – and they are not created equal. Most competitors in the security marketplace have adopted Baseline Profile, which only improves efficiency by 15 percent at best.

JVC’s new V.Networks cameras support H.264 High Profile, the same profile used for Blu-ray technology, which delivers on the promise of significant bandwidth savings. Granted, it still requires more processing power than other compression schemes, but H.264 High Profile enables the distribution of high resolution images while using significantly less bandwidth than H.264 Baseline Profile-based cameras. The new JVC models are also compatible with M-JPEG and MPEG-4, and are capable of triple streaming in multiple resolutions with simultaneous encoding of M-JPEG and H.264 or M-JPEG and MPEG-4.

Our new range of cameras embraces the latest technologies, but JVC remains committed to our CCD-based IP cameras and our line of analog cameras as well. In fact, our latest analog models – the TK-C9200UA and TK-C9300UA box cameras and TK-C2201UA mini-dome – now deliver 600 TV lines of resolution and feature 14-bit digital signal processing. JVC is also introducing new VR-X1600U and VR-X3200U network video recorders (16 and 32-channel, respectively), which offer full multi-codec recording and four HDD slots with a pre-installed 1 TB of storage, plus embedded Milestone Xprotect Enterprise software and built-in camera licenses with no recurring fees.

With our new product launch at ISC West, JVC continues to build on its award-winning legacy of quality. As a manufacturer of innovative cameras for video surveillance – as well as broadcast television, medical imaging, and consumer applications – JVC is uniquely positioned to deliver cameras that provide the highest quality images. We refuse to compromise on performance, and our commitment to design excellence has led to the creation of cameras and recorders that provide users with real benefits in both energy consumption and overall reliability.