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Premier Mounts Announces the Launch of the LMVF Fixed Flat Panel Video Wall Mount
Posted on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Premier Mounts Announces the Launch of the LMVF Fixed Flat Panel Video Wall Mount

Can be combined with LMV Press & Release™ Pop Out Mount to
Create a More Affordable Video Wall

FULLERTON, Calif., July 30, 2015 -- Premier Mounts, an internationally recognized leader with over 38 years of experience in the design and manufacture of innovative AV mounting solutions, today announced the release of their LMVF Fixed Flat Panel Video Wall Mount. The LMVF allows installers to use it interchangeably with the LMV Press & Release™ Pop Out Mount in areas of a video wall where the Press & Release feature is not required, allowing them to save money on the installation.  For even greater savings, it can be used exclusively for a video wall installation, such as in a 2x2 array, and still offer 16? of rear service access.

The LMVF features multi-monitor stacking, an open frame design, a built-in kickstand for easy service access, custom spacers, and top-adjustable fine-tune mounting brackets with adjustments along the (x,y,z) axis for easy panel alignment.

“The LMVF is the ideal mounting solution for video wall projects with tight budgetary restrictions,” says Wayne Kozuki, Product Manager, Premier Mounts. “While the Press & Release feature is the best option, it may not be required on the top and/or bottom rows of a video wall where a service kickstand can allow sufficient accessibility. We designed the LMVF to be compatible with the LMV, so that both can be used within the same video wall frame for a more cost-effective installation.”

Gain Maximum Versatility at a Minimum Cost

The LMVF joins the LMV Family of video wall mounts as a low-cost option with a frame size identical to the LMV Press & Release™ Pop Out Mount. This allows the LMVF to be used in the outer perimeter of a video wall, where the rear of the display is accessible using just the 16° service access kickstand. The LMV can then be used in the central area of the video wall, utilizing the Press & Release™ feature to extend the display out 13.2” for ultimate service access, in less than 5 seconds. The typical display size range and weight capacity is identical for both the LMV and LMVF, and custom spacers are interchangeable between both models, allowing video walls to be built using any combination of these two video wall mounting solutions.
Top-Adjustable Fine-Tune Mounting Brackets Ensure Easy Display Alignment

Both the LMVF and LMV offer the same fine-tune adjustments. The left and right display mounting brackets have 6-point, fine-tune adjustments along the (x,y,z) axis, allowing tools-free post-installation panel alignment. These adjustment points are easily accessible and centrally located. Displays can be easily mounted to the wall and micro-adjusted to ensure proper bezel alignment, as well as to confirm the recommended .050” gap between displays to protect from damage due to thermal expansion.

Open Frame Enables In-Wall Storage Space for Media Players & Cables

The open frame design of the LMVF Fixed Flat Panel Video Wall Mount allows recessed storage of media players and power supplies to be neatly stored and organized within a compatible in-wall storage box, such as the GB-INWAVP or
GB-INWAVPL, allowing for easy installation and serviceability. Cables and power cords can also be neatly arranged and protected from wire pinching or damage. This allows for streamlined accessibility for installation and service calls, as well as a cleaner overall look for any type of video wall installation.

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