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Premier Mounts’ New Symmetry Series Delivers One Configurable Solution for a Variety of Ap
Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Premier Mounts’ New Symmetry Series Delivers One Configurable Solution for a Variety of Applications

Visit Premier Mounts InfoComm Booth #2830 to Learn About these Complete Digital Signage Solutions that Offer Rapid Installation, Reduce Costs, and Lower TCO

FULLERTON, Calif., June 16, 2015 -- Premier Mounts, an internationally recognized leader with over 38 years of experience in the design and manufacture of innovative AV mounting solutions, will be in InfoComm 2015 show booth #2830 to showcase a variety of complete digital signage solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments. Booth visitors will be able to see Premier Mounts’ newest innovation for wall, ceiling, and stand mounted digital signage with the Symmetry Series configurable flat panel display mounting solution. Perfect for a variety of markets, including Education, QSR, Transportation, Corporate, and Hospitality, the Symmetry Series display interface consists of two main components: an interface bar (horizontal fitment), and a set of 2 display brackets (vertical fitment). This modular design is extremely easy to install, saving over 40% of the installation time over traditional individual single display mounting solutions, resulting in lowered total cost of ownership.

“Our Symmetry Series provides the perfect solution for a number of challenges,” said Wayne Kozuki, Product Manager, Premier Mounts, “As an ideal mounting solution for Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR), these products alleviate some of the burden of updating menuboards for compliance to the new FDA-mandated calorie labeling. With their two-component design, they save hours of installation time and labor costs. In a recent study, it was determined that this method of installation can reduce that install time by over 40% compared to traditional individual display mounting options, making them ideal for single or multi-site deployment.”

Symmetry Series is A Versatile Solution for Digital Signage

Premier Mounts' Symmetry Series is one solution that can be used to mount digital signage to the wall, on a stand or cart, and suspend from the ceiling – with minimal accessories. It delivers precise alignment features to ensure perfect display bezel alignment. Since it is configurable, the interface bar can be configured to fit any video wall array width. Designed for maximum repeatable installation efficiency, the included L-brackets slide along the interface bars to align with any stud for wall mounted applications, making the Symmetry Series truly easy to install, and perfect for single or multi-site deployments.

The Symmetry Series mounting solutions are comprised of a two-component system: an interface bar and display brackets with easily accessible 6-point (x,y,z) adjustment points on the top of each display bracket, allowing them to be installed in a fraction of the time that it takes to install traditional individual single display solutions. This one system can be configured to fit a wide variety of digital signage needs, including video walls, mobile presentation & videoconferencing stands, digital menuboards and transportation schedules. The Symmetry Series solutions offer a quick and easy installation process to attach the display brackets to the interface bar, using a “Click-It” locking feature to confirm the brackets are secure through an audible noise. A built-in service kickstand also provides 9° of bottom bracket tilt access, with bracket options for either 7° or tilt or 15° of maximum tilt.

Experience a Side-by-Side Demonstration for Ceiling-Mounted Digital Signage

Premier Mounts will be showcasing a unique demonstration for InfoComm attendees to see an above-ceiling view of their new False Ceiling Plate Adapter when used with the Symmetry Series or any other ceiling mount. This false ceiling plate adapter allows displays up to 125 lb. to be ceiling mounted up to 63% faster than traditional methods using unistrut and pipe, resulting in significantly reduced labor costs and eliminating pre-site installation site walks. The ceiling plate adapter uses steel support cables in place of unistrut to distribute the weight of the display to the purlins above the ceiling tiles.