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6 Challenges Faced When Installing Digital Signage into Existing Structural Conditions
Posted on Friday, October 9, 2015

Every A/V project comes with a unique set of challenges. When installing equipment into an existing structure, integrators may need to securely install equipment into a location that was built before digital signage even existed. This can create a laundry list of challenges, from protecting equipment outdoors to creating video walls where walls don’t exist.

Here are 6 mounting challenges that integrators face when placing digital signage in an existing structure, and the tools they can use to resolve them:

1. Minimize Cost- Maximize Creativity

One of the most common challenges in any installation is to meet budgetary guidelines. This challenge is particularly complicated for existing structural conditions because it often takes creative thinking to integrate equipment into a structure that may not have been built with AV in mind.

Creative thinking means offering Good, Better, and Best solutions that will deliver on an eye-catching project while still fitting within budgetary constraints. It’s easy to look toward commodity mounting solutions as a means to save a few bucks, but when you look at the increased installation time and long-term serviceability, the up-front cost diminishes against the total cost of ownership. When the requirements of an existing structural installation means creative thinking, they can’t come at the cost of long-term ROI for the whole project.

2. Fitting Within Structural Conditions… and  Deadlines

Another key challenge when installing digital signage into an existing structure is to ensure that the install is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Saving money on a “bare bones” solution doesn’t add up to much when that money goes toward paying the installers for more time spent on site.

The solution to combat against a tight deadline is to use a mounting solution that makes installing as fast and easy as possible. The Symmetry Series is a configurable solution that offers a two-part installation process that saves over 40% on install time, when compared to traditional individual display mounting solutions. The lightweight aluminum design of the Symmetry Series allows the system to be installed using fewer installers, and the configurable design allows this one system to serve as a solution across single or multi-site deployments. The L-brackets of the Symmetry Series are used to anchor the interface bar anywhere along the wall to match the stud location, allowing it to be installed in a fraction of the time.  Fine tune brackets for (x,y,z) adjustments makes post-installation leveling fast and easy. This means that no matter what your location, building design, or viewing angle requirements you have, this one solution can be used.

Premier Mounts Symmetry Series

Premier Mounts Symmetry Series

3. No Wall? No Problem

But what about trying to find the best place to put digital signage in situations where the structure doesn’t appear to support the installation? A classic example of this might be a situation where the customer wants to feature a vibrant, eye-catching video wall, but simply does not have a load bearing wall for one. These scenarios require a Solutions Group expert to determine whether the structure can support a variety of video wall suspension options, such as a video wall stand, ceiling suspended video wall, or semi-custom solution.