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Premier Mounts - The Top 3 Reasons why NOW is the Time for Outdoor Digital Menu Boards
Posted on Monday, February 29, 2016
Premier Mounts - The Top 3 Reasons why NOW is the Time for Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

As the What and the Why of outdoor digital menu boards become increasingly apparent, we find ourselves at a turning point of their integration. The reasons to make the switch from static signage to digital signage have been established, and we’ve shifted to a “calm before the storm,” as business owners know what they have to do, but are trying to figure out the best time to strike.

Understandably, QSR and FSR owners want to minimize their financial investment in digital signage by holding out for lower up-front costs. But they also know that they can’t afford to wait TOO long, or else their competitors may beat them to the punch. In the fast-paced world of QSR, timing is everything. With that said, let’s get to my point: If you’re waiting for the perfect moment to get in the game, allow me to explain why now is the time to step onto the field.

1.    “Measure Twice, Cut Once.”

 As most QSR and FSR owners know, the FDA has mandated that retail food establishments with 20 or more locations MUST include calorie labeling on their menus by December 1st, 2016. These calorie labels must be the same font size as your menu items, which means that you not only need to add to your menu board; you need to completely reconfigure it. If your menu varies throughout the day, that means managing an overwhelming amount of information in a way that simplifies your customers’ dining experience.

With the December 1st deadline rapidly approaching, digital menu boards simplify these changes for both indoor and outdoor digital signage. Rotating menu boards show the appropriate meal options for any time of day, and remote content management means that current and future updates can be easily done from one centralized location.

 2.    Designed for Expansion.

Outdoor menu boards are expanding their designs beyond the box, with new options that not only save you money, but also indicate that the industry (as well as your competitors) has increased their demand for outdoor solutions. Engineers are learning new and improved ways to keep equipment operating smoothly, and to protect it from the elements. These designs are sleeker, quieter, and offer more options to deliver a unique brand experience to your customers.

A unique and growing part of the digital signage industry, outdoor menu boards are positioned at an ideal investment point for business owners. This type of outdoor AV equipment is no longer outlandishly expensive, but the manufacturers who build it are eager to popularize it. This means that they’re chomping at the bit to make sure that your customer experience is something you’ll want to repeat, and something they can promote. This means that companies big enough to handle even large-scale projects are going to give you the personalized service of a company that cares.

3. Outdoors is the New Indoors.

For a number of reasons, AV is expanding its horizons. Technology has allowed for equipment to withstand outdoor elements that it wasn’t cut out for until now. Special designs help shield flat panel displays from snow and rain, and protect them from solar load. Fans and other airflow designs not only preserve equipment in climates from 0° to 50°C, but can do so at a lower electricity cost for business owners.

In addition to these equipment-protecting innovations, designers are now able to consider the full customer experience as they approach a drive-thru. Consider the dilemma faced when anyone pulls into the parking lot to grab something to eat: you see the length of the drive-thru line, and decide whether you have time to wait. If the line is too long, or moving too slowly, you’re going to take your business elsewhere. This is why digital signage is critical. Pre-sale menu boards can help customers make quick food choices, and menu boards can confirm pricing to speed up the payment process. Displaying the order confirmation also helps to avoid mistakes, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

These are just a few of the reasons that NOW is the time to integrate outdoor digital menu boards into your business. For more information on outdoor solutions, or to discuss how Premier Mounts can act as your Partner throughout the integration process, contact our Solutions Group at 877.668.6830, or email solutions@mounts.com