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Starting at the Foundation: Rich Pierro on Premier Mounts Core Values
Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Starting at the Foundation: Rich Pierro on Premier Mounts Core Values

Rich Pierro, co-CEO of Premier Mounts, knows that when it comes to support, it is important to start with the base. The foundation is what makes Premier Mounts’ products, and therefore the entire company, succeed. As anyone who has seen the team at work will tell you, everyone in the company, from management, to designers and engineers, uses the core values of the organization as the cornerstone on which everything is built. These values are centered around one thing: the people that make Premier Mounts the reliable and sturdy company it has become. It is through the employees of the organization that innovation occurs, that customers feel that their needs are met, and improvements are not only constantly made, but continuously sought after.

It is this core foundation, that of the employees within the company, that has allowed it to succeed and continue to maintain an excellent reputation. In a field such as AV which is dominated by technical precision and technological innovation, it is refreshing to have these qualities backed up by the human resources willing to put in the time, effort and creative energy necessary to provide their clients with the absolute best care and product possible. As a company that is based upon the support of its people, it is no surprise that Premier Mounts provides the same top-quality support to its clients as well.


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