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Premier Mounts - For Maximum Productivity, Smaller is Better
Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2016
Premier Mounts - For Maximum Productivity, Smaller is Better

A tiny ant can lift between 10 to 50 times its body size, due to a small frame that give its muscles a greater cross-sectional area. This means the ant can produce more force pound-for-pound than a much larger animal. Scaled up to the dimensions of the average man, a person with this strength would be able to lift a Ford Explorer over his head.

Nature reveals that size really does matter. However, sometimes smaller is better. This holds true across many disciplines, and is observable even in business. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos famously coined the “Two Pizza Rule” that states if a team couldn’t be fed with two pizzas, it’s too big. This guiding philosophy is backed by hard evidence that reveals decreasing marginal returns with the addition of each new contributor. Simply put, teams become less engaged as they grow. This is why the small, agile size of the engineering team at Premier Mounts allows us to deliver innovative and efficient solutions to our customers with a personal touch.

Preceded by a sterling reputation built on 39 years of quality service, Premier Mounts has established itself as the leading manufacturer of projector mounts, flat-panel display mounts, carts and stands. We maintain a tight, exclusive staff of engineers who are dedicated to designing revolutionary and customizable mount solutions to match the specific goals of our clients. World-class brands like Macy’s department store, as well as top hotels in Las Vegas and Miami, have turned to us to meet the needs of their video walls.

At Premier Mounts, we strive to create true partnerships with clients. This is made possible by the nimble size of our engineering team, which is driven both by the two pizza rule and by a principle known as the Ringelmann Effect. Named after the French professor of agricultural engineering Maximilien Ringelmann, the concept describes how individual members become less productive as the size of a group increases. He demonstrated this in an experiment in which he asked volunteers to pull a rope. The professor discovered when only one person pulled on the rope, he or she would give 100% effort. However, as more people were added, each person’s individual effort decreased.

The structural organization at Premier Mounts utilizes the wisdom of the Ringelmann Effect and Jeff Bezos’ rule. The small size of our engineering department drives team members to be efficient, innovative and accountable. With no faceless corporation to hide behind, our experts have the capacity to work individually with clients and even design personalized solutions that are tailored to each project.

Most industries are hamstrung by conventional thinking and old ways of doing business, and the audio/visual industry is no different. At Premier Mounts, we’re known for bucking traditions and disrupting common practices with every new undertaking. Our manufacturing department has global scale and local agility, allowing us to be personally engaged with clients from start to completion.

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