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Premier Mounts - ISE 2017: What’s The Big Idea?
Posted on Monday, February 20, 2017

 ISE 2017: What’s The Big Idea?


During ISE, a number of presentations dominated interest and interaction. From these talks, and seeing things first hand while walking the show, some key takeaways quickly emerged. The technology in use at ISE, as expected, confirmed that LED will continue to increase pixel density. SONY showcased its CLEDIS (Crystal LED Integrated Structure) based on their self-emitting display capabilities but with ultra-fine LEDs as the light source and an overlay film to eliminate sight of LED pitch. Their presentation drew a standing room only crowd. The equally impressive presentations of Leyard, Absen, Samsung and SiliconCore echoed this sentiment and went a step further: as LED innovates, so must mounting solutions develop to keep pace with tech trends and surpass OEM competition.

What products are on the horizon?

In one of the event’s highlights, Absen unveiled its HDV series, designed for the corporate market. With a depth of 65mm, the panel boasts quick and easy front access to simplify and speed up maintenance. Three models boast brightness of up to 1000 nits and a refresh rate of 3840Hz, with pixel pitch ranging from 1.25mm (for the HDV1.2) to 1.92mm (HDV1.9). Each HDV module is imbued with the strength of its distinctive honeycomb cellular design, to aid flatness and prevent warping across its 160° ultra-wide viewing angle.

Samsung drew a large crowd as well, introducing the first quantum dot technology-powered and high dynamic range (HDR) supported Smart UHD displays. A game changer for sure, the Q Signage displays can showcase one billion colors with greater accuracy. The HDR-compatible quantum dot displays further balance light and dark brightness and preserve gradation to offer improved depth and realism compared with standard dynamic range (SDR) alternatives. The Q Signage additionally generates an ultra-wide viewing angle in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Leyard showed their TES0.7 prototype, a single frame 27”, 16:9 788×4322 pixel and SiliconCore revealed LISA (Led In Silicon Array), implementing new technology that moves away from surface mounted diodes and replaced with their new chip on board (COB) manufacturing process. My guess is that both are aimed at hitting the sub 0.5mm pixel pitch.

Where will we see more innovation?

While every LED cabinet needs a method of attachment, many LED cabinets have integrated features that facilitate mounting. Many companies provide clamps and tubular structures (think erector set) to create frames, stands, ceiling mounts, etc. OEMs understand that client costs can be a barrier to success. The fine pixel pitch (FPP) emerging market will be very competitive, driving the LED cost down quickly. So, if the OEM can lower their total cost as well, they vastly improve their win ratio. OEMs thus can lower total cost by engineering a cabinet that doesn’t need sophisticated mounts, with front access LED and no scissor mount, all integrated into the chassis. There will always be some degree of custom applications in which the LED requires a mounting device that doesn’t currently exist in the chassis, or the structure. When the existing structure won’t support the weight load of the LED displays, custom sub-frames will be engineered and manufactured to architecturally integrate the visual displays. When the gear is behind the displays, or the displays live within a recessed wall space, extending mounting structures will be required. And, where LCD video walls have had the luxury of being mounted independently with a gap between bezels, there will be nearly zero margin for error when installing and aligning FPP LED displays and in some cases, the entire video wall will need to extend in 1 solid plane. FPP LED displays will be destroyed if not properly handled and installed and that alone will drive innovation back into the engineering methods and manufacturing processes of the visual structures, (not to mention, the installation process).

Amidst all the valuable information presented, there is one more important consideration: proper mounting. The innovation of Premier Mounts is tied to our focus on cost, quality, and aesthetics. We aim for the development of products that can accommodate the continual changes in technology. Our goal is to provide mounting products and services that equal the quality of your investment in this cutting-edge technology showcased at ISE 2017. For your first step in mounting solutions, start by clicking here: PremierMounts.com.