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5 Reasons Direct View LED Displays Will Transform Broadcast TV Sets in 2017
Posted on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

 5 Reasons Direct View LED Displays Will Transform Broadcast TV Sets in 2017


Broadcasting set design plays a key role in capturing viewers’ attention. With more entertainment and news options than ever before, consumers require intriguing set innovations to catch their eyes and keep them engaged. As competition rises and technological advances increase, direct view LED displays will quickly become the key differentiator in broadcast sets.

Here are five reasons 2017 is the year of the direct view LED display in broadcast set design.

  1. Viewers love a seamless visual experience. Because of their design features, direct view LED displays are seamless, which helps them create immersive digital video environments. Without bezels, direct view LED displays can be tiled together to create larger-than-life displays with no visible interruptions. Imagine the creative possibilities for your TV set with true digital immersion at your talent’s fingertips.
  1. Maintenance made simple. LED displays have 100,000 hour lifespan with a much longer mean time before servicing. Also, LED modules can be replaced on site for a quick fix. Both of the factors come together to make LED display maintenance hassle-free, which is important as any downtime in the fast paced TV world is a negative.
  1. It’s easier than ever to go bigger and better. Since direct view LED displays aren’t constrained by size considerations, TV set designers can dodge the limitations of other display technologies. Screens are versatile in size and shape to create unique combinations and views for the camera.
  1. Achieve crisp visuals by embracing the world of color. Direct view LED displays are bright and colorful, even under extreme studio lighting. This allows for sharp visuals, which will stop channel surfers in their tracks and encourage them to look away from the second smartphone screen competing for attention in their hands. Direct view LED displays also have the best color accuracy and refresh rates of any other digital display type on the market.
  1. Stand out from the pack. Direct view LED displays are a key way to differentiate. In the crowded world of traditional TV programs and the rise of streaming services, viewers have more choice than ever before. The TV shows that stand out will be those with innovative, visually appealing and differentiated set designs. Direct view LED screens can help your show achieve a distinctive look – and stand out to digitally savvy viewers. The most powerful messages on the air are visual. Don’t let yours get lost in the crowd.

To learn more about the benefits of direct view LED displays for the broadcast market, check out our LED Solutions page or visit us at PremierMounts.com.