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Premier Mounts Awarded Patent for Griplate
Posted on Monday, November 28, 2011

 Anaheim, CA--Premier Mounts has been awarded a patent for the Griplate, a specially designed metal plate that maintains the desired position of a flat-panel display by registering the mounting screw with the mounting bracket.

The Griplate (US Patent number 8,035,757 B2) is an anti-slip plate with protrusions that align with holes on the mounting bracket. Once the plate and bracket have been installed in the desired position, a screw secures the plate, bracket and device together. The flat-panel is held in place by the engagement holes on the bracket and protrusions on the Griplate, without having to excessively tighten the screw.

"The Griplate is a helpful mounting tool that ensures a flat-panel will remain in its desired position once it is installed, with no slipping over time," said Mike Bouissiere, engineering design manager at Premier Mounts. "It is just one of many features that sets our mounts apart."

Mounts that feature the Griplate include: CTM Series, PCM Series, RTM Series, ECM Series, RFM, GB-MS1, GB-MS2, AM300 and AM175.