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What’s New from Ross for NABShow 2022
Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2022
What’s New from Ross for NABShow 2022

Ottawa, Canada – April 13, 2022 – Ross announces significant advancements across numerous product lines, including:


Production Cloud is an end-to-end highly flexible production solution that is specifically designed for broadcast quality content live production fully powered by the cloud and optimized for AWS. Supporting perpetual and subscription licensing models and operating natively within a customer supplied cloud ecosystem, the Ross Production Cloud allows production teams to collaborate and produce live shows and events, using the same interfaces that they are already experienced with. It combines production switching, real-time graphics, ingest, playout, newsroom, asset management, and remote contribution capabilities, with innovative ground-to-cloud technologies designed by Ross to bring on-premises SDI and NDI live feeds into the cloud ecosystem, and vice versa. Ross Production Cloud makes it easy for teams to expand their existing production capabilities, or experiment and explore new programs and formats with the reliability and support that they’ve come to expect from Ross solutions.


Ross Video’s comprehensive production switcher lineup grows more robust and more versatile with the introduction of significant feature upgrades to the Carbonite product line, while its hyperconverged production platform, Ultrix Acuity, is now compatible with TouchDrive control surfaces.

Carbonite Ultra & Ultrix Carbonite v7.0

Version 7.0 of Carbonite Ultra and Ultrix Carbonite headlined by UltraScene, a new easy-to-use layering tool that enables complex composites to be managed as a single source.

With UltraScene, up to 8 layers can be used to create visually interesting composites consisting of keys, chromakeys, DVE boxes, and more. UltraScenes can be entered into MEs and MiniMEs as Background or Key sources, just like any other source in the switcher.

In addition to UltraScene, Production Sequencer functionality is included in version 7.0, and enables operators to automate simple and repeatable production elements within a live show.

As an easy-to-use tool, Production Sequencer allows for a series of tasks, events or device controls to be linked together while complementing existing Memory and Custom Control macro capabilities.

TouchDrive Control Panels now compatible with Ultrix Acuity

The introduction of the TouchDrive control surfaces, featuring high-resolution touch-enabled LCD displays, provided Carbonite operators with unprecedented efficiency and ease of use. Today, Ross is pleased to announce that TouchDrive control surfaces will be compatible with Ultrix Acuity frames.

With the release of Ultrix Acuity version 11.0, customers will be able to pair any of the Acuity or TouchDrive Control Panels with their Ultrix Acuity frames. The latest upgrade also makes it even easier for customers to configure Software-Defined Production Engine blades with either Acuity or Carbonite software.


Graphite CPC (Cloud Production Center)

The award-winning Graphite All-In-One Production System with powerful video switching, audio mixing and graphics capability is now also available for cloud-based workflows.

Available this summer, Graphite CPC will be deployable as a standalone system using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide no-compromise, on-prem performance using familiar tools such as TouchDriveTM panels and DashBoard control software. Graphite CPC joins the ever-expanding list of services available in the Ross Production Cloud which includes media asset management tools, production automation, and MOS-based newsroom systems.

Like all Graphites, CPC bundles the powerful Carbonite switcher and advanced RAVE audio mixer with the incredible XPression Real-Time graphics engine to create a single, unified production environment.


XPression Version 11.0 & XPression Tessera One

For NAB 2022 Ross Video XPression is proud to announce XPression version 11.0 and XPression Tessera One. We recently teased XPression Tessera One as our all-in-one complete content solution for video displays. Capable of low-latency video input, XPression Tessera One is used to integrate live video inputs through the XPression Tessera workflow and eliminate the need to key XPression over live sources in the control room. XPression 11 adds in the new capabilities to copy existing XPression Sequencer items to a specific Take ID, the use of Superscript and Subscript for 2D text, Visual Logic blocks for Epoch time processing, right-click on a Visual Logic Object Property block to locate it in the Objects list, support for AJA version 16.0 drivers for support of the io4K and the new ioX3 unit. A 2-channel edition of the XPression Go! laptop editions, and a new 1RU edition of XPression hardware to support SMPTE ST 2110.


Voyager / Lucid Studio

With major improvements to Voyager, its Unreal-based render platform and Lucid Studio, the control center for virtual productions, Ross Video continues to demonstrate its commitment to virtual production solutions and particularly virtual LED studio solutions, also known as XR. Indeed, Voyager version 4.27 includes several new templates that make it easier to set-up a virtual LED environment as well as a simplified workflow for hybrid environments where standard augmented reality elements need to be running alongside the virtual LED studio environment. Finally, with version 6.3, the latest release of Lucid Studio unlocks a raft of new features which are making virtual production even easier to manage. In addition to the ease and flexibility of control it already provides today, Lucid Studio improves the user experience even further by bridging the gap with 3rd party control surfaces, thanks to a new web API and enhancing the mobile experience for event control from a phone or a tablet. With these and a lot of other new features, Lucid Studio continues to revolutionize the virtual production experience.


D3 LED Displays & Solutions

With the acquisition of D3 LED, Ross has become a leader in high quality indoor and outdoor LED displays as well as LED Processing, Content Management and Playback systems which can generate, process, and distribute video to epic scales. D3’s solutions complement the existing portfolio offered by Ross and enable Ross to offer an even more comprehensive range of content rendering platforms, including XPression motion graphics, Voyager (based on the Unreal engine from Epic Games), and the D3 IMS playback system. The Integrated LED Experiences offered from Ross Video bring end to end solutions to all clients within broadcast, worship production, digital signage, esports, retail, virtual LED, entertainment venues, and more.


Primestream v 9.0

Primestream v9.0 advances MAM capabilities by bridging signal-based architecture with file-based workflow – all while allowing access remotely via a standard web browser. This is a significant contribution to the time, ease, and quality of content creation for a wide range of applications.