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AmpliVox Mity-Meg Guides Wallenda to Success in Chicago High Wire Adventure
Posted on Tuesday, December 2, 2014
AmpliVox Mity-Meg Guides Wallenda to Success in Chicago High Wire Adventure

Daredevil Nik Wallenda captured the attention and imagination of the world on Sunday, November 2 with his dazzling tightrope walk that traversed the Chicago skyline. In the process, he relied on a product with deep roots in the Chicago area: a megaphone manufactured by AmpliVox Sound Systems of Northbrook that Wallenda’s father used through the harrowing blindfolded portion of his death-defying stunt.

“When people saw a close-up of our megaphone on television, my phone started ringing off the hook,” says AmpliVox CEO Don Roth of Lincolnshire. “We were thrilled to see one of our products involved in one of the most exciting events to ever take place in Chicago.”

Terry Troffer, Wallenda’s father, acts as his son’s lead safety coordinator. Troffer relied on an AmpliVox S602 Mity-Meg to guide Wallenda as he walked, blindfolded, between the iconic twin towers of the Marina City complex at a height of 588 feet. Wallenda was heard to ask bystanders to be quiet as he started the walk, so that he could listen for his father’s voice.

Wallenda noted that the megaphone was an unusual equipment choice for his team, necessitated by the demands of a blindfolded walk. In a Twitter discussion on November 4, Wallenda explained, “This was a first actually. We typically use an in-ear piece to communicate, but the direction of my dad's voice was critical.”

The AmpliVox S602 Mity-Meg is a 25-watt megaphone with a range of up to one mile. Constructed of lightweight, durable ABS plastic, it provides portable, reliable sound amplification under all kinds of conditions. It operates on rechargeable Li-Ion batteries or standard batteries, with a built-in battery power indicator and up to eight hours of use on a single charge.

“AmpliVox megaphones are used all the time for a wide variety of purposes, including public safety, sports coaching, crowd management, and public speaking,” notes AmpliVox’s Roth. “Seeing our product play a vital part in a life-or-death situation like this was exciting, to say the least. We wish Nik Wallenda our congratulations and hope that his team will continue to rely on AmpliVox whenever they need top-quality sound equipment.”

Photo Caption: Nik Wallenda’s blindfolded walk across the tightrope was guided by his father’s voice using an AmpliVox S602 Mity-Meg megaphone. 

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