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AmpliVox Outdoor Speakers Raise the Bar for Durability and Sound Clarity
Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2015
AmpliVox Outdoor Speakers Raise the Bar for Durability and Sound Clarity

When choosing speakers to project public address system broadcasts, two qualities are of paramount importance: sound clarity and durability. AmpliVox Sound Systems meets the highest standards of each with its indoor/outdoor PA speaker products, the S1270 Paging Power Horn and the S1271 Line Transformer PA Speaker. Each of these AmpliVox speakers offer excellent sound quality and intelligibility for PA announcements, and each can withstand all weather conditions.

The AmpliVox S1270 delivers 100 watts of amplification power in a high-impact, durable ASA resin horn speaker housing with a tough metal swivel base for ease of installation. The unit connects to established PA systems via a generous 12-inch input cable. The double re-entrant horn with compression driver employs a rugged 1.5’ diameter voice coil and ceramic magnet structure for long life and reliability under extreme operating conditions.

For applications requiring adjustable power taps, the AmpliVox S1271 provides professional sound quality in a contemporary, durable ABS plastic unit. The S1271 includes a multi tap transformer with screwdriver-adjustable power taps for 25v and 70v systems. It installs easily to walls or poles using its integrated swivel mount bracket.

“AmpliVox’s PA speakers are excellent choices for schools, factories, office buildings, and any other venue that employs public address systems,” observes Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO. “Their durable materials ensure that they will deliver excellent sound quality for years to come, making them a solid long-term infrastructure investment.”

For more information about weatherproof PA speakers and other products from AmpliVox, visit www.ampli.com.