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AmpliVox Introduces Compact Line Array Speakers
Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2012
AmpliVox Introduces Compact Line Array Speakers AmpliVox Sound Systems, engineers, manufacturers and marketers of sound system technology, announced the introduction of a slim, lightweight compact line array speaker system to its product line. Offered in three different designs, the Line Array Speaker mounts either horizontally or vertically. Users can install it horizontally above a whiteboard for broad dispersion or mount two systems vertically on each side of a whiteboard. In either configuration, the Line Array Speakers deliver a spacious sound that extends well beyond the speaker's physical size. The Line Array System is available in three models: • A passive speaker that connects to any audio system with spring wire terminals. • Amplified speaker containing a 50-watt peak audio amp, which can be used alone or connected to the passive speaker for larger sound coverage • An amplified speaker with the addition of a 16 channel UHF wireless microphone kit. All models of the Line Array System include a “C” shape mounting bracket for easy wall installation. The amplified versions also include a power on/off switch and a 110-VAC wall adapter. Each model measure 17''L x 3.4''W x 5''D and weighs less than five pounds. The versatility, convenience, and value of the Line Array Speaker System makes it the perfect choice for classrooms, conference rooms, and other instructional settings. For more information, please visit http://ampli.com Photo Caption: New Line Array Speakers from AmpliVox feature a sleek, compact design that can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Designed for use with whiteboards and flat panel displays. 2U rackmount sized for carts and lecterns About AmpliVox AmpliVox ® Sound Systems products are predominately made in the USA, meet stringent UL standards, and come with an up to 6-year warranty. Our wide selection meets every speaker's sound coverage and style needs. Whether you are in a small meeting room of 30 people or a large 20,000 square foot auditorium of up to 10,000 people, AmpliVox ® Sound Systems' extensive range of superior quality, simple to operate and reliable electronics will provide maximum satisfaction and ensure a crystal clear message. Creators of the Pink Podium Promise cause marketing initiative, AmpliVox donates pink podiums and megaphones to breast cancer awareness organizations helping lead the effort to “Speak Up for the Cause”. Visit http://www.ampli.com for more information.