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Sound Masking for Financial Institutions: Improving Data Privacy and Client Trust
Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2023
Sound Masking for Financial Institutions: Improving Data Privacy and Client Trust

Sept. 28, 2023 - Financial institutions handle lots of confidential information. From social security numbers to account balances, customers trust their banks and credit unions to keep their personal data private. However, open floorplan acoustics can make it difficult to maintain speech privacy.

Which is why sound masking—the introduction of unobtrusive background sound to cover up conversations—is an ideal solution for financial institutions to prevent privileged speech from being understood by others. By emitting a neutral sound at a low volume, sound masking limits the range that speech can be heard and interpreted.

What are the key benefits provided by sound masking in financial institutions?

Enhanced data security

Sensitive client information like account numbers, balances, and personally identifiable information should only be intelligible to the people directly involved in the conversation. Unfortunately, voices at normal volume can carry as far as 20 feet in open offices. Sound masking restricts speech intelligibility to a much smaller radius, limiting potential data leaks.

Greater client comfort

Clients need to be able to speak openly with financial advisors about their accounts and personal situations. When they are confident their discussion won’t be overheard, they can speak more freely about sensitive topics. Sound masking allows clients to share information without worrying about eavesdroppers.

Compliance with regulations

Financial institutions must comply with privacy regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and its Safeguards Rule. Demonstrating an effort to protect client privacy through sound masking shows a commitment to compliance. It also mitigates risks of overheard conversations violating client confidentiality.

Professional environment

The ambient noise emitted by sound masking systems has a calming effect that enhances focus. By covering up distracting conversations, sound masking minimizes unwanted noise pollution that reduces productivity in open offices. Workers can concentrate better, creating a more professional workspace.

Implementing sound masking

To effectively mask speech, the sound level output needs to be 15-20 dB above an environment’s ambient noise but also below the level that would be distracting itself. Proper distribution is also key for consistent coverage. Global masking systems with zoning control allow different areas to emit optimal levels.

Cambridge sound masking solutions from Biamp are designed specifically for open-office environments that have become commonplace among financial institutions. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you improve acoustics, privacy, and productivity through sound masking.

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