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5 Ways to Optimize Your Digital Signage
Posted on Tuesday, January 5, 2016
5 Ways to Optimize Your Digital Signage It’s no secret that digital signage is the best way to reach your target audience. However, if you’re not reaching the RIGHT people in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time, all of your digital signage efforts may be wasted. Take a look at these 5 tips that will help you to optimize your content, and maximize your digital signage ROI.

1.  Understand Your Digital Signage Goals.

The starting point for Digital Signage success is to have a clear vision of what you want to happen as a result of your investment. Then, you need to involve experts who can work backwards from there with the details that can bring those goals to fruition. Nobody expects you to know the newest in digital signage technology and equipment. But you do know your target audience, and you understand their wants and needs. This is the reason that it’s critical to participate in a Partnership conversation with someone who has a deep understanding of digital signage, thus creating a “dream team” in which you can target your audience with the best in messaging, technology, digital signage placement, and customer safety.

2.  Use Digital Signage To Bring Your Customers Into The Conversation.

Consumers are faced with a huge amount of options, and they must decide which products and services are the most rewarding. Advertisements and paid endorsements don’t guarantee quality, which is why people don’t depend on them for accuracy. They turn to their most trusted sources, their friends and peers, to find out what really works. Social media is where consumers go for information they feel that they can depend on, which is why it’s a good idea to allow your customers to easily find, like, share, and review your brand through social media platforms.

Many companies are incorporating digital signage accessories like cameras and interactive screens, which can enable their customers to easily share a personal brand experience with friends. Restaurants and hotels can also maximize their exposure by displaying live social media feeds in high traffic areas of the business, encouraging customers to post details or photos of their experience and become part of the brand story. Working with a team of experts in digital signage content and delivery will allow you to gain an understanding of the newest social sharing concepts, therefore allowing you to grow your business with endorsements from your customer’s most trusted sources.

3.  Keep Design In Mind.

Design is a critical part of digital content, starting with the mounting solution. It serves as the backbone of the structure, and it’s important to work with an expert who can make recommendations on optimal display placement. Things to consider when determining display placement include:

  • Public safety
  • Optimal viewing angles
  • Accessibility for interactive displays
  • ADA compliance for public spaces
  • Placement in a suitable area for audibility (if using speakers)
  • Glare from outside sunlight or overhead lighting
  • Optimal placement for high traffic areas
  • Equipment protection if placed in cooking areas of Quick Service Restaurants.

Aesthetics are also critical to ensure that viewers don’t miss out on content because visible wires or cords are distracting. Display enclosures can also allow both indoor and outdoor displays to feature brand logos and paint finishes, which can enhance the décor of the surrounding environment.

Of course, the design of the digital content itself must also have high priority. Going back to the fact that consumers are faced with a huge variety of options and distractions, maintaining their attention is more difficult than ever. They can’t just glance at the content; they have to engage in a content experience. It must be captivating enough to gain their attention, it must work seamlessly in order to hold that attention, and it must feature design characteristics to set your content apart from those of your competitors.

4.  Use Your Digital Signage To Think Outside The Box.
Digital signage experts are always looking for new and improved ways for our customers to reach their target audiences. We talk with fellow industry experts to learn about their emerging technologies, we meet with our design teams to brainstorm the possibilities, and we read industry publications in order to find out how far we can take our ideas. As a result, digital signage experts have a variety of options and ideas at our fingertips that many people may not even know exist. That knowledge allows us to suggest options that can increase sales, boost brand image, and allow your audience to participate in experiences that will convert them into loyal customers for life.

5.  Take Matters Into Your Own Hands.

The journey into the realm of digital signage doesn’t end when you power up your equipment. Understanding how to operate and update your digital signage is essential for long-term success. From deleting a seasonal menu board item to adding a social media feed, business owners must be able to update their digital content as often as necessary. This means two things: the equipment MUST be user-friendly, and the appropriate personnel MUST be properly trained on how to use it. This is just one more example of why engaging in a Partnership with a digital signage expert is your recipe for success. In order to maximize your investment into digital signage, these experts will include operational training, and offer full availability for you to seek assistance if you have any questions in the future.

Digital signage success can seem overwhelming, but the first step is to work with mounting solutions experts to develop the optimum solution that fits the application, the environment, and the best viewer experience to enable a premium digital experience. Take advantage of this step because often times your mounting solutions expert will be able to engineer features into the product that actually decrease installation time over traditional products. This is beneficial where there are many installations and the installer doesn’t want to haul extra materials such as unistrut, all-thread, and abrasive saws around the job site thus, lowering TCO and maximizing profit opportunities. Contact our Solutions Group at 877.472.2991 or via email to learn more.