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Premier Mounts - Solutions Flash: Hospitality - Luxury Resorts - Sound Bar Adapters
Posted on Monday, January 25, 2016
Premier Mounts - Solutions Flash: Hospitality - Luxury Resorts - Sound Bar Adapters This week’s Solutions Flash involved sound bar adapters that seamlessly mated with flat panel tabletop stands and wall mounts to meet stringent aesthetics and security criteria for 3 luxury resorts in Las Vegas. Contact a Solutions Expert with your challenge by calling 877.472.2991, or emailing: Solutions@mounts.com
The Challenge

Application:  Aftermarket Sound Bar Adapters   40”-60” Samsung Displays   

Property:   Hospitality - 3 Luxury Resorts in Las Vegas, NV

Opportunity: Design 2 different sound bar adapters that are compatible with original tabletop swivel stands and wall mounts for Samsung displays in luxury hotel rooms.

They must have a streamlined appearance and provide anti-theft security. The final product combination of existing mount and sound bar adapter must appear as if they were designed that way from the very beginning.

The wall mounted display option must mate with the AM175 Swingout Mount for Flat Panel Displays, and the tabletop option must mate seamlessly with original Samsung display tabletop mount, while still preserving the swivel feature.
The Solution - Action Taken

To mate with the Harman Kardon SB26 sound bars that were selected by the resorts, Premier Mounts Solutions Group created two different sound bar adapters for both tabletop and wall mounted stand displays.

Premier Mounts created the HM-PDS-318 for the original tabletop displays, easily attaching the tabletop mounts to the sound bars to accomplish the same criteria of aesthetics and security as the wall mounted sound bar. In addition it ensured the versatility of the original swivel stand, and did not cause any interference with this desirable feature.

For the wall mounted displays, Premier Mounts also designed the SB26 Speaker Bracket, which secures the sound bar in place by requiring the display be removed in order to remove the sound bar. The adapter was created specifically to move with the AM175 Swingout Mount for a functional, streamlined look with enhanced security.