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5 Digital Signage Predictions for 2017
Posted on Monday, January 30, 2017

 5 Digital Signage Predictions for 2017


It’s a new year, and while some segments of the global economy are bracing for uncertainty in 2017, the future appears brighter than ever for digital signage. Market research forecasts industries will spend no less than $13.8 billion on digital signage this year, as vibrant video screens continue to make their way into even more retail stores, quick service restaurants, stadiums, and hospitals.

The world is rapidly becoming more pixelated – with technology that improves business functionalities, operating efficiencies, and quality of life for consumers. At the forefront of this digital wave is Premier Mounts, with a finger on the pulse of what’s trending in the industry. Here are our top five digital signage predictions for 2017.

  1. Personalized Experience:
    Retailers are always looking for ways to offer consumers a personalized in-store experience, which is why many are keen on customer profiling that gathers information and purchasing trends of shoppers. Armed with analytics and insights, retailers use the data to broadcast personalized promotions to in-store customers via digital displays.
  2. Advanced Digital Displays:
    Technology never takes a day off, which means exciting new enhancements to digital displays are on the way. Look for a migration to eye-popping 4K resolution video screens and zero bezels that will deliver a truly futuristic experience. Also, make sure you are well versed on Direct View LED technology as the future of digital signage displays is headed full steam ahead towards it.
  3. Outdoor Digital Signage:
    After taking advantage of indoor displays, organizations will be searching for ways to deploy video screens outdoors. This can be made possible thanks to durable direct view LED panels that will deliver brighter and more dynamic message broadcasting performance across exterior spaces. With fine pixel pitch Direct View Led digital displays, more digital signage will find its way to high ambient light locations.
  4. Interactive Media:
    Digital signage offers audiences more than just something cool to stare at; it can also serve as a vehicle for interaction. By allowing consumers to engage with creative content via touch screens, companies are realizing an increase in sales, brand awareness, and positive customer satisfaction. Observers predict the global market for multi-touch screens will reach $8 billion by 2020, so expect greater investment in 2017.[1]
  5. Repeatable Deployment:
    In order to provide an enjoyable digital experience across all their stores, brands with multiple locations will look for easy ways to repeatedly deploy digital signage with minimal downtime. The UMB “no assembly required” series provides a sturdy mounting solution for rapid and repeatable deployment, making it an unbeatable option for chains or franchises looking to stage digital signage at multiple sites.

With digital signage on the rise, are you ready for your next project to go digital? If so, Premier Mounts has a team of expert engineers to help bring your dreams to life. Visit us at premiermounts.com to learn more about our comprehensive selection of premium mounting solutions.