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Premier Mounts - 4×1 Digital Menu Board Installed in Record Time
Posted on Monday, January 30, 2017

 4x1 Digital Menu Board Installed in Record Time


A popular restaurant chain wanted to make the transition to digital menu boards in all 250 of their US locations. They needed a 4×1 menu board that is designed to immediately capture a customers’ attention and aid them in their purchase decision.

The main challenge of the project was the need for a rapid install. Each location only closed for a few hours each night and the install would need to be completed within this short time-frame as to not interrupt the customer experience. Any solution that would take longer than a few hours to install, from tear down of the old menu boards to installation of the new ones, would mean money lost.


The mounting solution choice for this project was simple: the UMB-DBT menu board brackets. This was the best choice because of the rapid installation the UMB offers. Out of the box they are a “no assembly required” system. These mounts hang on the panels and are designed to attach directly to commercially available channel strut offering a quick, simple, and repeatable way to install a linear row of displays.

This made installing the 4×1 digital menu board easy and cost-effective: a perfect pairing. The new menu boards were installed in under 2 hours at each location, making the project a huge success.